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The DEH-P790BT is one of Pioneer's high-end car CD receivers.

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good microphone - can switch from handheld conversation to Bluetooth as you get in the car without the person on the other end noticing

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automatically detects Bluetooth devices and synchronizes without a command

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controls are simple and intuitive, easy to learn to use

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installation is very simple, can be done by intermediate level users

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contact lists don't load up for all devices

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no voice-command dialing, only through the phone itself

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no audible response to voice commands, only a note on the display

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The DEH-P790BT is one of Pioneer's high-end car CD receivers. Like the closely related DEH-P7900BT, the DEH-P790BT is Pioneer's first receiver to have Bluetooth wireless technology built into it. This technology allows you to make hands-free phone calls (provided you have a Bluetooth compatible cell phone), talking into the built-in microphone of the DEH-P790BT and listening through the in-car speakers. Voice Dial and Auto Answering are featured on this unit. With the same Bluetooth compatible cell phone, you can stream audio content (such as MP3s, WMAs) through the in-car speakers. The DEH-P790BT will play MP3/WMA/AAC files, provided they are burned onto a CD, a standard feature with Pioneer's car CD receivers. Another standard feature is being XM and Sirius radio ready (the Pioneer digital satellite tuner is an extra add-on). The MOSFET 50 amplifier (w/ 4 x 50 watts of built-in speaker power) is the common amp used on Pioneer's middle/upper level car CD receiver offerings. The main difference between the DEH-P790BT and the DEH-P7900BT is that the DEH-P790BT has the "iBus" iPod cable included, so that right out of the box the DEH-P790BT will allow you to play, control and charge your iPod.

  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Pure blue display
  • OEL display
  • Multi-language display
  • Auto-flap motorized face
  • Voice Dial
  • Auto Answering
  • "iBus" iPod technology (cable included)
  •  MP3/WMA/AAC playback
  • 3 hi-volt pre-outs
  • Built-in rear auxiliary input
  • XM radio ready
  • Sirius radio ready
  • Two-year warranty
  • AM/FM radio
  • MOSFET 50 amp
  • 4 x 50 watts built-in speaker power
  • 3 mode loudness
  • Remote control included 
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