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The DEH-P7900BT is one of Pioneer's high-end car CD receivers.

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can be installed by non-professionals given enough time

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remote is full-featured, gives access to almost all of the stereo's functions

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hands-free Bluetooth calling is consistent, sound is good on both ends of the call

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FM reception is above average, makes the most of weak signals and filters out the static

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colored lights on the display are pleasant no matter what the lighting

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interface is fairly complex and not everything is immediately obvious, takes a little playing around

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included manual is a bit vague and confusing

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The DEH-P7900BT is one of Pioneer's high-end car CD receivers. The feature emphasized by Pioneer in promotion is the Bluetooth wireless technology built into the DEH-P7900BT. This is Pioneer's first receiver to feature this technology. The Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to make and accept hands-free phone calls (with a Bluetooth-compatible cell phone), talking into the DEH-P7900BT's included microphone and listening through your car speakers. Voice Dial and Auto Answering are featured in this unit. The Bluetooth technology also allows you to stream audio from an external device such as a cell phone, given it is Bluetooth compatible. "iBus" iPod technology is included here, so once you get the additional CD-1200 cable, you can control, play and charge your iPod on the DEH-P7900BT. Like most of Pioneer's upper/middle level car CD receiver offerings, the DEH-P7900BT has an OEL 16-character display, with pure blue color and 1 screensaver movie. The DEH-P7900BT also plays MP3/WMA/AAC files if they are burned onto a CD, and is XM and Sirius ready (the Pioneer digital satellite tuner is an add-on), features standard on Pioneer's car CD receivers.

  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Voice Dial
  • Auto Answering
  • "iBus" iPod technology
  • 7-way rotary commander
  • Pure blue display
  • OEL display
  • Multi-language display
  • Auto-flap motorized face
  • MP3/WMA/AAC playback
  • 3 hi-volt preouts
  • Built-in rear auxiliary input
  • XM radio ready
  • Sirius ready
  • 16 character display
  • AM/FM radio
  • 2 external unit controls
  • 1 screensaver movie
  • Rotary volume knob
  • 1-year warranty
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