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The DEH-P7600MP is one of Pioneer's upper-middle level car CD receivers.

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good expansion of compressed audio, sounds like a CD

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card remote is well designed, easy to store with the CDs or on the sun visor

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capable of loud sound output without needing an amp

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easy to add amplifiers and set up the audio correctly

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no ability to interface with external devices of any kind

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volume knob is overly stiff, hard to work with

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buttons are small and hard to find

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The DEH-P7600MP is one of Pioneer's upper-middle level car CD receivers. Like the closely related DEH-P7500MP and DEH-P750MP, the DEH-P7600MP has a MOSFET 50 receiver (w/ 4 x 50 watts of built-in speaker power). Like most of Pioneer's car CD receivers, the DEH-P7600MP can play MP3 and WMA files as long as they are burned onto a CD. In addition to that, the DEH-P7600MP can also play WAV files, and when you play a CD in your car with MP3/WMA/WAV files on it, the BMX (Bit Media eXpander) feature of the DEH-P7600MP will make them sound like CD quality. The ID3 feature will show you the artist and track information of these files, up to 64 characters. Unlike the DEH-P7500MP and DEH-P750MP, which both have dual displays (LED and OEL), the DEH-P7600MP is just OEL. This display features 3D graphics and animations. In terms of Pioneer's car CD receiver line, one feature on the DEH-P7600MP that is unique is the Soft Key Operation mode, which makes important function buttons easy to find. Like most of Pioneer's car CD receiver offerings, the DEH-P7600MP is XM radio ready (it just needs the Pioneer digital satellite tuner to work).

  • MP3/WMA/WAV file playback
  • BMX (Bit Media eXpander)
  • OEL display
  • 16 character display
  • Auto-scroll
  • Up to 64 characters ID3
  • 3D graphics
  • Soft Key Operation
  • MOSFET 50 amp
  • 3-band EQ
  • High and low-pass crossovers
  • 3 RCA preouts
  • AM/FM radio w/ presets
  • Card remote
  • XM radio ready
  • 1-year warranty 
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