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The Pioneer DEH-P7200HD is a mid-level CD/HD radio receiver meant for cars.

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3 rows of information displayed for every song

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3 sets of 4-volt preouts for maximum expandability into amplifiers and after-market speakers

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iPod control can be done from the head unit or the iPod itself

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HD signal reception is very good, doesn't lose signal due to interferrence

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maximizes OEM speaker's capabilities, offers many fine-tuning options

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multi-control knob is tricky to control while driving, tilt is a difficult control mechanism

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no rear USB, need to run the cable out of the front of the unit

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The Pioneer DEH-P7200HD is a mid-level CD/HD radio receiver meant for cars. Its HD radio functionality promises high quality sound and strong signal on any station with absolutely no subscription fee. However, it is also XM and Sirius Satellite Radio ready. Besides basic CD/CD-R/CD-RW functionality, the DEH-P7200HD's can be used with any iPod or iPod Touch device; not only does the DEH-P7200HD support iPod playback, but it also supports iTunes Tagging. Additionally, the DEH-P7200HD sports a large Full-Dot OEL display, making it easy to see what you are doing in any light, as well as Bluetooth functionality when used in conjunction with the CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter which is sold separately.

The DEH-P7200HD's HD radio functionality offers a high quality radio experience, promising CD-quality FM stations and FM-quality AM stations all with clear reception and excellent signal strength. CD-R, RW and iPod compatibility allow for greater convenience and selection while in the car; the DEH-P7200HD's OEL display even offers iPod scroll and select in 3-Line list mode. Its iTunes Tagging function lets you tag a song heard on the radio through the DEH-P7200HD, which will then save that data on your iPod so iTunes can find that song for you later. The DEH-P7200HD's Bluetooth functionality is only available with the sold separately CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter. However, this will allow Bluetooth enabled cellular phones to be synced with the DEH-P7200HD which acts as a speakerphone, channeling your call through your car speakers for those who prefer not to use Bluetooth headsets.

  • HD Radio Tuner built-in
  • XM Radio and Sirius Radio Ready
  • 3 Hi-Volt RCA preouts (Front, Rear, Sub) for external amplifiers
  • USB input (Front) for iPod devices
  • AUX input for other media devices
  • Full-Dot OEL display
  • Remote Control included
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