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The Pioneer DEH-P700BT is an A/V head unit designed for accessing CDs and USB / Bluetooth devices.

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searches through large collections of files very quickly and just starts playing

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display is attractive and easy to read in any lighting

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output is very clear, makes the most of OEM speakers for improved sound quality

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installation easy enough for any expertise level with the correct harness

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Bluetooth audio is very good, both sides of the conversation are clear

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doesn't show everyone's name, often only shows the first bit of it

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controls aren't intuitive, take some time to work out

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The Pioneer DEH-P700BT is an A/V head unit designed for accessing CDs and USB / Bluetooth devices. As well as handling MP3, WMA, AAC music files, the A/V unit also features an integrated Bluetooth module for receiving/sending calls or streaming music from up to three compatible cell phones. Also included is a USB Direct Control module that lets the user access and control an attached MP3 player, USB drive or Apple iPod (adapter required). The DEH-P6900UB also supports Satellite radio (adapter required), external amps and speakers via 3 RCA Hi-Volt preouts, and advanced song searching. Additional features include an auto-flap motorized face that easily slides out to expose the CD slot, BMX technology for improved audio shape/sound, and a two-way crossover adjustment for manually adjusting the High-Pass Filter.

  • A/V Head Unit
  • Single-Disc CD Player
  • MP3/WMA/AAC Compatibility
  • Integrated Bluetooth Wireless Module
  • Simple Phone Pairing (3 Max)
  • A2DP Music Streaming
  • USB Direct Controle Module
  • Organic Electro-Luminescent Display
  • Rotary Commander Control
  • Portable Card Remote
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Optional iPod 
  • Optional Satellite Radio
  • Auto-Flap Motorized Face
  • BMX Digital Enhancement
  • Two-Way Crossover Adjustment
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
System Expandability
  • IP-Bus System Control
  • USB Control Capability
  • Multi-CD Control
  • DVD Control
  • Display Output
  • Built-In Auxiliary Input
  • Optional IP-Bus Auxiliary Input
  • External Unit Control
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