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The Pioneer DEH-P7000BT is a high-end in dash cd reciever unit; which was first announced at the 2009 CES event in Las Vegas.

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fills out the audio from most sources for a full, rich sound

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LCD is clear and easy to read in any lighting

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sleek design looks sophisticated and cool

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plenty of pre-outs that are easily adjustable for expansion with amplifiers

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pairs easily with Bluetooth devices for music streaming and phonecalls

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interface takes some getting used to - tries to give a lot of functions with just a few buttons

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doesn't recognize USB keys over 250Gb in capacity

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radio reception isn't great, many OEM head units will out-perform it

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The Pioneer DEH-P7000BT is a high-end in dash cd reciever unit; which was first announced at the 2009 CES event in Las Vegas. The P7000BT is part of Pioneer's latest CD reciever lineup which also includes the Pioneer DEH-P6100BT, Pioneer DEH-P7100BT, and the Pioneer DEH-P9800BT. The P7000BT includes CD, Satellite radio and HD radio support as well as content playback from a USB media device. It is fully equipped with Supertuner IIID advanced digital and analog processing technology combined with a built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier to ensure high quality sound output without any distortion or background noise. The small LCD display screen can handle 13 text characters on screen; meaning it can completely show song track information. Bluetooth receiver technology is built right into the unit; so users may use a hands free phone system directly through the device without purchasing any separate adapters or add-ons. Unique phone pairing technology allows you to transfer your entire phone book and store it via the device for hands free calling at a later time; the P7000BT unit can store up to 3 cell phone address logs worth of data (3600 different numbers: 400 persons x 3 contacts x 3 phone types; cell phone, home, office, etc.). An Apple iPod can also be plugged directly into the USB port with full compatibility; meaning users will never run out of new music on the road again. The Pioneer DEH-P7000BT has a suggested retail price of $260 and will be released sometime in Spring, 2009.

  • High-end in-dash CD receiver unit
  • Remote Control included
  • LCD Display with 13-character Text
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • USB input (Front); Aux input
  • HD Radio, XM, and Sirius Radio Ready
  • Fully compatible with any Apple iPod device
  • 3 RCA Hi-Volt preouts
  • Two-Way Crossover with separate High and Low Pass settings.
  • Built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier
  • Supertuner┬« IIID advanced analog and digital processing
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Phone pairing support for full contact storage
  • Amplifier Off Mode
  • Display Off Mode
  • Suggested Retail Price: $290
  • Estimated Release Date: Spring, 2009
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