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The Pioneer DEH-P6600 is a mid-range AV head unit/CD receiver very similar to the Pioneer DEH-P6500.

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enough power output to run a full set of after-market speakers without an amp

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more outputs than most will ever need for amps

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subwoofer and speakers can be adjusted separately directly through the unit

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graphics give a quick display of levels, offer some customization

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can take a long time to load a CD

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general audio output needs constant adjustment to get the balance right

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connectors and CD ejection mechanics wear out faster than most head units

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The Pioneer DEH-P6600 is a mid-range AV head unit/CD receiver very similar to the Pioneer DEH-P6500. The DEH-P6600 differentiates from the DEH-P6500 in a only one important way: a super-bright blue Organic Electroluminescent display (as opposed to the DEH-P6500's multi-colour OEL display). Otherwise, the DEH-P6600 and DEH-P6500 sport the same basic features, including a Supertuner IIID digital radio tuner, a MOSFET 50W x4 power supply, XM satellite radio readiness and CD-R/RW compatibility.

The DEH-P6600's super-bright blue Organic Electroluminescent display provides it with an easy-to-read interface capable of displaying animations and graphics while manual Soft Key operation is also available for those who prefer the simplicity of 100% physical control. Its Supertuner IIID digital radio tuner provides the DEH-P6600 with greater signal reception by blending analog and digital tuner technologies. Additionally, the DEH-P6600's MOSFET 50W x4 power supply features smaller, more efficient circuitry for greater power delivery with reduced distortion.


  • CD/CD-R/CD-RW compatibility
  • Super-bright blue Organic Electroluminescent display
  • Supertuner IIID for high-quality radio reception
  • XM satellite radio ready
  • Soft-Key interface for easier operation
  • Detachable face (faceplate carrying case included)
  • MOSFET 50W x4 power supply
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