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The DEH-P590IB is one of Pioneer's upper-middle level car CD receivers.

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iPod connection is easy to hook up and work with

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clean and powerful output, makes the most of OEM speakers

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two-way crossover helps a lot with setting up aftermarket speakers

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nice looking design that doesn't get distracting at night

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plenty of expansion options for satellite radio, Bluetooth, and control for a separate subwoofer

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hard to read the display during the day even if you're not in direct sunlight

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having the AUX input in the back is a bit awkward for casual connections of portable devices

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controls are over-simplified, takes some getting used to

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The DEH-P590IB is one of Pioneer's upper-middle level car CD receivers. The feature highlighted by Pioneer in promotion is the "iBus" iPod Direct Control technology, which allows you to play, control and charge your iPod by plugging it into the DEH-P590IB. The pure blue OEL (Organix Eletro-Luminescent) display provides vibrant color and animated graphics (though not with the two screensaver movies of the closely related DEH-P580MP). In terms of Pioneer's car CD receiver offerings, the 7-way rotary commander, which allows you to access and control the functions of the receiver as well as scroll through the files on your MP3/WMA/AAC discs, is a unique feature. When you play MP3/WMA/AAC discs, the Bit Media eXpander (BMX) feature will make them sound like CD quality. Like most of Pioneer's car CD receivers, the addition of Pioneer's digital satellite tuner will allow you to access Sirius satellite radio as well as XM radio.

  • "iBus" iPod Direct Control
  • Pure blue display
  • OEL display
  • 7-way rotary commander
  • Hi-Volt (4V) pre-outs
  • Multi-language display
  • 10-key card remote control
  • MP3/WAV/AAC file playback
  • Available Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Built-in rear auxiliary input
  • Two-way crossover
  • Direct subwoofer key
  • Sirius ready
  • XM ready
  • BMX (Bit Media eXpander)
  • Two-year warranty
  • AM/FM radio
  • All-blue key illumination
  • MOSFET amp
  • 4 x 50 watt speakers
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