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The Pioneer DEH-P5100UB is a well-priced, car-audio CD receiver with a 200w (peak) and 4-channel MOSFET amplifier.

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includes remote control

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front AUX and USB inputs

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HD and satellite radio ready

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dual USB inputs for use multiple audio devices / USB keys

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Improves playback quality in all formats over stock head unit.

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iPod playback with on screen controls

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iPod cable sold separately

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Blue illumination not the best in bright light

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No autoscroll on longer artist or song titles for MP3

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No preset buttons

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The Pioneer DEH-P5100UB is a well-priced, car-audio CD receiver with a 200w (peak) and 4-channel MOSFET amplifier. The sixth of seven Pioneer DEH receivers, the Pioneer DEH-P5100UB is an upgrade from the Pioneer P4100UB in that it features dual (versus one) USB ports and an extra-large full-dot OEL display that makes it easier to see what is playing, and in fact even displays animations and screen-savers. In all other ways, however, the DEH-P5100UB is practically a duplicate of its peer. For instance, the DEH-P5100UB also offers three RCA Hi-Volt pre-outs for front, rear, and sub connections, not to mention a two-way crossover with separate high and low pass settings. The DEH-P5100UB also boasts a CD player that plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and discs loaded with MP3, WMA, and iTunes AAC music files. The Pioneer DEH-P5100UB retails for a more expensive $210.00 (versus $170.00) and comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

The DEH-P5100UB features an easy-to-use 7-way rotary commander control to quickly search through songs, Bluetooth compatibility so that users willing to invest in a CD-BTB200 Bluetooth adapter can connect their cellular phones directly to the unit, and an advanced sound receiver that more accurately plays back compressed MP3/WMA/AAC music files. Lastly, the DEH-P5100UB boasts a traditional AM/FM tuner with SuperTuner III technology for reduced distortion, a front auxiliary port for connecting various portable devices, an included iPod connection cable, a graphic 7-band equalizer, and a wireless remote control.

  • 4-Channel MOSFET Amplifier
  • 200w Peak Power Output
  • Extra Large OEL Display
  • CD Player
  • MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC Playback
  • iPod Connection Cable
  • On-Board iPod Menu Controls
  • 7-Way Rotary Commander Control
  • SuperTuner III Technology
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Front Auxiliary Port
  • Dual USB Ports
  • 7-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • 3 RCA Pre-Outs
  • Two-Way Crossover
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • HD Radio Ready
  • XM Radio Ready
  • Sirius Radio Ready
  • Game Alert/Game Zone Ready
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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