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The Pioneer DEH-P480MP is a mid-priced car CD receiver.

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Controls are intuitive and easy to use - minimalist layout is conducive to "eyes-on-the-road" driving

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Enables users to get the most out of their vehicle's stock system - reproduces radio and auxiliary input loud and clear

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CD-quality audio playback is excellent - little to no degradation when processed through the unit

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25 watts-per-channel power handling outperforms competitors from Sony and Kenwood - most units at this price point offer only 21 watts

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Initial setup is relatively simple - most users will be able to self-install the unit

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Three-way output connectivity significantly increases unit versatility - easy to switch and control devices from the front panel

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Remote control maximizes in-car safety - reduces physical contact for increased road safety

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Unit is not sunlight-readable - may be frustrating when attempting to select and adjust playback materials during the day

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The Pioneer DEH-P480MP is a mid-priced car CD receiver. Many forms of media are playable with the DEH-P480MP. MP3 and WMA files are accessible with this player as long as they are burned onto a CD, and the Bit Media eXpander (BMX) adjusts the sound of these music files to restore them from their compressed state. The information will be displayed thanks to Pioneer's ID3/WMA text ability. With a Pioneer digital satellite radio tuner, you can get XM radio and Sirius satellite radio. The auxilary input allows you to connect to all kinds of external devices, such as digital audio players. The two-way crossover and direct subwoofer key allow you tailor your bass settings. With the addition of a Pioneer iPod adapter, you can use the DEH-P480MP to play, control, and charge your iPod, as well as display the iPod's media info on its multicolored display.

  • High-Volt Preouts (4.0V)
  • Flap face
  • Multicolor display
  • Large rotary volume knob
  • MP3, WMA play
  • iPod compatible
  • XM radio ready
  • Sirius satellite radio ready
  • 16-character display
  • Auxilary input
  • Two-way crossover
  • Direct subwoofer key
  • Card remote
  • Two-year warranty
  • AM/FM radio
  • Radio presets
  • Green button illumination
  • LCD display
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