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The Pioneer DEH-P3200UB is a CD Receiver with iPod Direct Control and USB input.

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"sound retriever" function fills out compressed music, provides a much richer sound

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sound output is very high, can create loud volume if needed

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searching and scrolling through large collections of MP3 files on a USB key is very fast

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menu navigation is very intuitive, no instructions required

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cover on the USB slot slides up and into the receiver, out of the way and looks clean

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capable of very loud volume output

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cannot create or use pre-made playlists

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face does not easily attach and detach, awkward mechanism

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The Pioneer DEH-P3200UB is a CD Receiver with iPod Direct Control and USB input.  The DEH-P3200UB can couple with an iPod or iPhone using the CD-IU50 iPod cable can also features a USB input for other USB devices.  Like all upper model DEH-1000 series CD Receivers, the DEH-P3200UB features sound retrieving technology to clear up lost data from compression, resulting in clearer sound quality.  The DEH-P3200UB also comes standard with Pioneer's patented Supertuner IIID for AM/FM radio, MOSFET 50W x4 amplification circuit, and AUX input to connect external devices.  The DEH-P3200UB features a Dot OEL Display of 12 Characters that can display lower-case lettering, a 7-way rotary control, 2 RCA preouts for adding on amps and speakers, and a 5-band equalizer.  This high end model also comes with a two-way crossover, and a wired remote input to connect a third party steering wheel control adapter.  The Codec Supports MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV.  Comes with a 1 year warranty

The Supertuner IIID is designed to minimize distortion and increase reception.  It also reduces the effect of multi-path noise while around tall buildings.  The more efficient and smaller MOSFET power source increases the clarity of music played while at high volumes.  The USB interface cable is required for iPod or iPhone use, and allows for full adapter-free control via the unit interface.

Key Features
  • Supertuner IIID
  • Codec MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC
  • Play Burned CD's
  • MOSFET 50W x4 Amplification Circuit
  • Dot OEL Display with 12 Character Text  (Lower Case and Upper Case)
  • 5 Band Equalizer
  • 2 Port RCA
  • Wired Remote Input
  • Two-Way Crossover
  • CD-IU50 iPod Cable for iPod or iPhone Use
  • USB Input
  • 7-Way Rotary Control
  • Remote Control Included
  • 1 Year Warranty
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