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The Pioneer DEH-6300UB is a CD receiver with control options for the iPod and iPhone.

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sound output through mains to the speakers is clear and loud

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color customization can match preference, existing dashboard lights

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Pandora streaming works reliably, doesn't usually cut out

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iPhone/iPod control mode, use touchscreen controls if desired

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Ability to set buttons/screen each to unique color, or have the color "scroll"

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button panel design looks cool, smooth "wave" effect

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not much grip on the volume knob, sometimes gets bumped wrong while adjusting it

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pre-outs are a little weak for higher-end amps

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button functions not immediately obvious, take a little getting used to

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The Pioneer DEH-6300UB is a CD receiver with control options for the iPod and iPhone. This has many of the same features as the Pioneer DEH-4300UB, with the addition of compatibility with the Pandora iPhone app. This allows users with an iPhone to connect to the Internet and stream music to the stereo. The full media playback functions of connected iPods and iPhones are available through the head unit's controls, and details on the tracks being played are shown on a 2-line LCD display that can be customized to use over 210,000 colors. The CD player is compatible with CD-R/RW discs, and can read from data discs containing MP3, WMA, WAV or AAC files. Audio output runs through a MOSFET system to 4 channels at 50 watts each, and can also be sent through 2 preouts at 2 volts each.

  • CD Receiver
  • 2-Line LCD Display
  • Display Customization with Over 210,000 Colors
  • Pandora App Compatibility
  • Front USB Port for Direct Control of iPod/iPhone or Access to USB Device
  • Advanced Sound Retriever for Compressed Audio Enhancement
  • 2 RCA Preouts (2V)
  • 24 Stations / 6 Presets
  • MOSFET 50 W x 4
  • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer
  • 2 mode Loudness
  • MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC Playback
  • CD-R/RW Compatible
  • AUX input
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