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The Pioneer DEH-3200UB closely resembles its previous version, the Pioneer DEH-2200UB.

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Should provide you with a richer sound than the factory system

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Front end ipod and usb socket

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Design around rotary knob is more stylish

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Incredibly intuitive navigation menu- finding files are easy

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Volume knob might be a little small- may find it difficult to use while driving

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No wireless remote

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Does not support older generation iPods

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Can not create a playlist

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 The Pioneer DEH-3200UB closely resembles its previous version, the Pioneer DEH-2200UB. Both units are CD receivers and ipod and USB compatible. The difference in the DEH-3200 is that it has a front usb and ipod jack for inserting both types of media into the unit to listen to music. Unlike its predecessor, it does not have a wireless remote, but a wired remote and input for third-party steering wheel remotes. Using the CD-IU50 iPod cable, you can plug your iPod directly into the unit and hold the 'List' button to scroll through artists, genre, etc. The CD receiver has a 7-way rotary commander, and a 12-character dot OEL (Organic Electro-luminescent) screen capable of displaying upper and lower case letters. The DEH-3200UB features a 5-Band Graphic Equalizer, and Supertuner IIID analog and digital processing for less distortion and stronger broadcast signal reception. This CD receiver has 2 RCA pre-outs for adding external amps, a 50 W x 4 MOSFET amplifier for efficient power handling and minimal distortion, and an AUX input.

  • 7-Way Rotary Commander for Easier Navigation
  • 2 RCA Pre-outs
  • iPod and USB Compatible
  • Built-In MOSFET 50 W x 4
  • AUX Input
  • Supertuner IIID
  • 12-Character OEL Screen Displays Upper and Lower Case Letters
  • 5-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Wired Remote Input for Connecting Third-Party Steering Wheel Control Adapters
  • Two-Way Crossover with Separate High and Low Pass Settings
  • Advanced Sound Retriever Restores Dynamic Sound to Compressed Music
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