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Pioneer DEH-1500 is an intermediate level Radio-CD player, targeted towards the customers.

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capable of loud volume output

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works with burned discs fairly consistently

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loudness control gives a great boost, effectively brights out the details

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display is easy to read in any light

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lacks any extras like alternative inputs or MP3 capabilities

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buttons are a little small, hard to work while driving

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doesn't have a dial interface, feels like you have less fine-grain control

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Pioneer DEH-1500 is an intermediate level Radio-CD player, targeted towards the customers, who want quality in terms of design, sound and technology, but at an affordable price. The color of DEH-1500 is black and silver, with blue LCD display at the center.This unit comes with Super Tuner IIID digital tuner technology, which finds the strongest signal available and locks in with the help of best station memory technology. This model has more powerful output of 50 watts for 4 channels as compare to its lower models like DEH-1300. The EEQ performance chip is same as the lower models with same functionalities like Custom EQ Memory, Front Image Enhancer, and Loudness Control. This product comes with a blue back Liquid Crystal Display with LED backlight and a clock. The CD player of this product is compatible with CD-R and CD-RW digital technologies. As compare to its lower models, this product has Anti-Shock mechanism, which helps to maintain the same sound quality output even at the time of external shock. As compare to the lower models, this product comes with a detachable face, for additional security of the product from theft.

  • Playback Compatible with Digital CD-R and CD-RW
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Anti-shock mechanism
  • Detachable Face
  • Supertuner III-D Digital Tuner
  • Best Station Memory
  • Output:  50W x 4 channels
  • Electronic Volume Control
  • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer Source Custom EQ Memory  
  • Selectable Loudness Control Selectable
  • Front Image Enhancer
  • Selectable Fader Control
  • Blue Back LCD with LED backlight
  • Clock
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07/01/2012 03:28

how do you set the clock

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