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The Pioneer DEH-1300 is an in-dash car audio receiver.

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equalizer settings allow for custom tweaking of the sound for the individual car

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CD player has great skip resistance, can handle scratched disks

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Loudness feature brings out the details on OEM speakers effectively, sounds great

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simple installation, perfect for first-timers

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handles burned CDs and CDs of MP3s without any compatibility issues

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able to render clear audio even with fainter FM signals

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need an additional wiring harness and custom faceplate for the individual car

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 The Pioneer DEH-1300 is an in-dash car audio receiver. CD-R or CD-RW discs may be inserted in the front of the unit, and track names are displayed on the LCD screen with a white LED backlight. This receiver offers EQ setting with 6 presets, and an AM/FM radio with 24 stations presets, and Supertuner III technology. The Best Station Memory technology helps to select a great tune at any time. Automatic Gain Control technology of this product provides optimum amplification of the signal output. The CD player of this product features Track Scan, Pause, repeat and Random Play. This car audio unit outputs 45 watts into 4 channels. Pioneer also introduced the EEQ performance chip in this product, which has the functionality of 3-Band equalizer, and source custom independent equalizer memory for each source. The DEH-1300 also has selectable loudness control, and a selectable Front Image Enhancer and selectable Fader Control. There is also 1 RCA pre-out rated at 2 volts.

  • Supertuner III
  • Best Station Memory technology
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Playback Compatible with Digital Audio CD-R
  • 45 Watts x 4 Channel
  • EEQ Performance Chip
  • 3-Band Equalizer
  • Independent Custom Memory for each source
  • Selectable Loudness Control
  • Selectable Front Image Enhancer
  • Selectable Fader Control
  • Fixed faceplate
  • Liquid Crystal Display with White LED backlight
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