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The Pioneer AVH-P5200BT is an in-dash AV receiver featuring a 7-inch flip-out LCD touchscreen.

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video quality is crisp and clear, bright enough to be seen in sunlight, one of the largest displays for this type of head unit

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button color customization enables matching to dashboard lights

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intuitive controls are easy to work with, no need for instructions

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plays a wide variety of file formats, almost anything a typical user might want

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dual zone audio works flawlessly, allows kids in the back to watch programming while adults in the front listen to news

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SD card file sorting is based on when the file was written to the SD card, not alphabetical

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Bluetooth is for calls only, can't stream audio through it

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The Pioneer AVH-P5200BT is an in-dash AV receiver featuring a 7-inch flip-out LCD touchscreen. This unit is nearly identical to the similar AVH-P5200DVD, however this model integrates Bluetooth connectivity. This model is a step-up from the AVH-P3200BT, a similar unit with a smaller 5.8-inch screen. Mobile phone pairing via Bluetooth enables hands-free phone calls with the AVH-P5200BT. Primary features include playback support for DVDs, VCDs, DivX files and recordable discs with MP3, AAC and WMA music files. iPod music players can be connected to the front of the AV unit via USB, and advanced controls will be shown onscreen including iTunes tagging, album art and text-based search. When a phone call is received while a song is playing, the receiver will automatically mute the music, then unmute the song when the call is finished. The Pioneer AVH-P5200BT is navigation and HD radio ready, meaning additional hardware upgrades can be purchased and installed.

  • 7" full color LCD touchscreen display
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology (hands-free calling)
  • Customizable background pictures
  • CD text display / MP3 ID3 tag display (Title/Artist/Album)
  • DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DivX, VCD playback
  • CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, AAC and WMA playback
  • Navigation and HD radio ready
  • Back-up camera ready
  • Steering wheel remote ready
  • Front SD card slot
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