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The Pioneer AVH-P3300BT is a car audio and video system designed to fit in a standard 2-DIN slot.

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loudness control is perfect for making audio clearer on the highway

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easy to tune it to the specific acoustics of each vehicle

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Bluetooth finds devices quickly, only takes a couple of seconds

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installation is very simple, first-time installers can handle it

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compressed audio sounds clear and rich, fills it in well

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display is clear in all lighting conditions

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iPod control interface is intuitive, gives full access to the contents of the iPod

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controls take some time to get used to, a little cryptic at first

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The Pioneer AVH-P3300BT is a car audio and video system designed to fit in a standard 2-DIN slot. This is similar to the Pioneer AVH-P6300BT, but it has a smaller 5.8 inch widescreen touch display and needs a 2-DIN slot rather than 1-DIN. Otherwise they are similar, including the use of an anti-glare coating on the screen and built-in Bluetooth for quick wireless connection to mobile devices. When an iPod or iPhone is connected via USB, the unit offers complete control and access to the device for video and audio playback. It also offers full use of the Pandora iPhone app for streaming audio playback. Audio output runs to 4 channels at 50 watts each, and 3 pairs of RCA pre-outs are also available for further amplification.

  • 2-DIN DVD Receiver
  • 5.8 in Widescreen touch display
  • WQVGA 480x240
  • Anti-Glare coating
  • USB Direct Control for iPod/iPhone (CD-IU50V required)
  • Pandora app compatible
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • DVD Video, DivX, MP3/WMA/AAC Playback
  • MOSFET 50 w x 4
  • 8-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • 3-Mode Loudness
  • 3 x 4V RCA Preouts
Post Review
09/08/2011 01:23

has anyone tried the new appradio program to make iphone interface easier?

02/26/2011 03:00

this unid has a security code to be set

01/23/2011 02:41

I've read in a few places that these built-in bluetooth stereos only support the making of phone calls and not the "streaming" of music via bluetooth (e.g. playing music from an EVO 4G through bluetooth).

Will the P3300BT support bluetooth audio streaming?



02/08/2011 04:12

Nope it wont, sadly I had last years model that would and now my car got smashed up and they destroyed that one so Pioneer sent me this one and no it doesn't...



07/06/2011 03:59

Which is total bull :( Mine used to stream as well...a much cheaper unit at that, and so I just assumed this one would stream too. That's what I get for ASSuming.

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