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The Pioneer TS-SW301 is a 12" shallow mount subwoofer with a mounting depth of 3-4/10"

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Excels in quality when powered by a smaller amplifier - units in and around 500 watts will provide a better experience than 1000+ units

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Bass response is remarkably clear - loud, thumping parts are reproduced free of distortion, even at maximum volume settings

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250-watt design is ideal for all-around music applications - provides sufficient low-end for rock and country genres, doesn't overwhelm bass-heavy genres like hip-hop and techno

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Fits perfectly behind most pickup truck seats - slides into cubby space with minimal setup and adjustment

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Outperforms competitors from Kicker and MTX - build quality and sonic versatility are unparalleled

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Slim design is great for smaller vehicles with minimal trunk space - performs very well, even in a tight enclosure

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Not intended for "window-shattering" bass applications - likely to blow out/short circuit if frequently pushed to the limit

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The Pioneer TS-SW301 is a 12" shallow mount subwoofer with a mounting depth of 3-4/10"(less than half of a typical sub in this class). This allows for wider mounting possibilities in different vehicles. Power handling is rated at 1000 max, 250 watts(rms) while the unique Air Suspension Control System locks air between the main cone and the drive cone for improved linearity and bass response. M-shaped speaker surrounding provides improved sound quality over traditional arch shape and angled push terminals save space and help to avoid bending wires when connecting.

  • Size: 12"
  • 1000w max, 250w nominal power handling
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 114 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 91db
  • Ohm Rating: 4
  • Reduced mounting depth of 3-4/10" and unique design
  • Double woofer cone with Air Suspension Control System
  • Woofer cone material: Composite IMPP using Interlaced Carbon Fiber and Ultra Long Glass Fiber
  • 4 Layer, Long Voice Coil
  • Dimensions: 12-8/10" x 3-9/10"
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