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The Pioneer Elite BDP-33FD is a Blu-ray player that outputs high definition audio and video.

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includes a free iPhone app as a remote control alternative

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several high-end features like dual video output, RS232 support and an armored construction

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Internet apps - supports major video streaming services like Netflix and YouTube

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built with high quality components

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glossy enclosure - attracts fingerprints and dust

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poor remote control - has many tiny, difficult to press buttons

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only 'wireless ready' - requires users to buy a proprietary Wi-Fi adapter

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lacks 3D blu-ray movie playback

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The Pioneer Elite BDP-33FD is a Blu-ray player that outputs high definition audio and video and has added construction elements to make it more stable. This is similar to the Pioneer Elite BDP-31FD, but has Armored Chassis Construction that adds extra insulation and makes the drive more stable for smoother playback. This is also similar to the following model in the series, the Pioneer Elite BDP-41FD, but doesn't provide 3D playback or work with iPhone apps. Precision Quartz Lock (PQLS) high-definition audio standards enable the use of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Video output is rendered in full 1080p high definition. Online content is also available from BD-Live, as well as other services such as YouTube and Netflix.

  • Output in full 1080p High-Definition
  • Stream Content from YouTube, Netflix, and RSS Feeds
  • BD-Live Compliant
  • Dual USB Inputs for Expandable Memory
  • PQLS for Jitter-free 2-Channel and Multi-Channel Playback
  • Free iControlAV App for iPhone & iPod touch
  • RS-232/IP Control for home automation systems like Crestron and Control4
  • High-Definition Audio with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Precision Quartz Lock (PQLS)
  • Wireless Ready with USB Dongle (sold separately)
  • Elite-exclusive Armored Chassis Construction
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