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The Pioneer PDP-5080HD is a high-end plasma television that emphasizes a high contrast ratio and deep black levels.

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Very deep blacks that merge with the black paneling

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Extraordinary image quality

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Not 1080P

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You have to pay the price to get the quality

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The Pioneer PDP-5080HD is a high-end plasma television that emphasizes a high contrast ratio and deep black levels over resolution. While many modern television sets in this range and size, such as the Panasonic TH-42PZ700U, have 1080 lines of resolution the 5080HD using the more traditional 1366x768 resolution. Pioneer increases the picture quality in other ways featuring one of the highest contrast ratios in this segment, with black levels that are regarded as near or at the top of the line.

Despite not containing a 1080p display the Pioneer is compatible with 1080p signals including 24Hz signals from HD media players. Smooth film motion is another major feature that Pioneer introduces with their 2007 line of Plasmas including the 5080HD. This technology reduces the amount of visual artifacts known as juddering during complicated scenes where the camera is quickly panning around an environment.

There are many picture customization options available with Pioneer's traditional offering being above the industry standard. Six picture presets are included to simplify the process. A light sensor on the television itself measures the light in the room and further optimizes the picture accordingly. Five aspect ratios, four picture-in-picture positions, and 3 picture-side-picture positions are all supported.

  • HDMI 1.3 x 4
  • Component x 2
  • Composite x 3
  • S-Video x 1
  • USB port for viewing slide shows
  • VGA

A 42" model (Pioneer PDP-4280HD) of this television is available that contains all the same features as the 50" model at a smaller size. A PRO version will be available that costs $1000 more and features enhanced picture customization and other higher-end capabilities.

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