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The Pioneer PDP-5070HD 50-Inch High-Definition PureVision Plasma Television offers the most advanced panel technology.

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Vibrant colors

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Excellent Plasma for gaming with quick response

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1080p is 24Hz and not 60Hz and it downscales to a lower native resolution anyway

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Only 768 lines of resolution (not true 1080p)

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The Pioneer PDP-5070HD 50-Inch High-Definition PureVision Plasma Television offers the most advanced panel technology, Video Processing features and convenience options for recreating the Home Theater experience. The redesigned deep encased cell structure improves brightness, image accuracy and panel efficiency.

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07/09/2007 07:22

This is one of the best TVs you can buy for the price. The picture and colors are amazing. Excellent response timing. Never had any burn in or IR even after watching several hours of ESPN or a HUD on a game. However, I did do the break in DVD for 200 hours (about 15-17 hours a day) before using it as a precaution. You can find out lots more on this TV at I went with this TV because of the price for a 50" and the quality and popularity of the TV. The black bezel outside looks sweet and its very thin. You can easily watch the plasma from the side of the TV and still see the screen perfectly which is amazing. Don't plan on using 1080p on this TV, its only 24 Hz and not the normal 60Hz and it only accepts the signal and downscales it. However, even at 1080i on my Xbox 360 and HD-A2 HD-DVD player the TV looks awesome even from 5-6 feet. Also the internal tuner works great and even has a free program guide with my inside VHF/UHF HD antenna. I can't tell the difference between 1080p and 1080i that easily and not many sources are 1080p anyways aside from HD DVDs and Blu-Ray. Also you will pay a lot more for 1080p on a plasma of this size. The TV has functioned great and I would recommend it to anyone. This TV has all the video inputs you will need too. I also hooked this computer up easily to my computer and it looks sweet!! A really nice 50" monitor. You could also play video games from there. You should be able to find this TV shipped to you for around 2200-2400$ new easily, I got mine refurbished off eBay directly from Pioneer for 1901$ shipped and have had no problems and have a 90 day warranty.

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