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Pioneer is one of the leading manufacturers of plasma displays, with the Kuro line of televisions occupying the higher end.

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Well adjusted out of the box

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Fantastic black levels. Lives up to the name

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Scaling of SD content is handled well

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4 HDMI inputs

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72 Hz Pure Cinema mode for displaying 24fps content

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Great shadow detail

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Removable speaker

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Audible buzzing sound can be distracting

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Pretty expensive compared to competition

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Pioneer is one of the leading manufacturers of plasma displays, with the Kuro line of televisions occupying the higher end of their consumer targeted lineup. The 5010FD is the 2007 model that features various improvements to the Kuro line including better picture processing, and HDMI 1.3 inputs. Being a high-end model Pioneer includes a large amount of customization options allowing you to get a "perfect" picture, though not every aspect of the picture is adjustable like their professional grade Elite line. Another one of the major additions is the advanced 72Hz PureCinema mode meant for watching content stored on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs.

  • 50" display with 1080p resolution
  • 72Hz PureCinema mode
  • Data Input: USB, CableCARD
  • HDMI-CEC compatible
  • Inputs: HDMI 1.3 x 4, Component x 2, Composite x 3, S-Video, VGA
  • Better quality/more expensive than the Pioneer PDP-5080HD
  • Same features, but smaller size than the Pioneer PDP-6010FD
  • Same size and features, but less picture adjustment options than the Pioneer Elite PRO-110FD

Pioneer extends their class leading technology with improved filters to enhance contrast ratio, new plasma technology for better picture reproduction, and a new processor to handle scaling and deinterlacing. The 72Hz PureCinema mode is intended for watching Blu-Ray and HD-DVD content that is delivered at the natural film refresh rate of 24Hz. Since 72 is a direct multiple of 24 there is little processing that is required to properly display the film content resulting in a more natural picture free from conversion artifacts.

Each input has four preset picture settings, with an additional "user" setting. Each one can be modified and stored independently from other sources. To make it more convenient to switch picture settings depending on the content, a button the remote is dedicated to cycling through the five modes. The one aspect that can not be adjusted that is available on the Elite line are the individual color temperatures of Red, Green and Blue.

A speaker is included at the bottom of the television that can be removed if you already have a home theater setup. The television also supports the HDMI-CEC spec. If other components in your setup support the same technology, then you can control those devices directly from the Pioneer.

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10/02/2007 08:41

You can get a high quality screen for a projector starting at $250 for 60". see ezCinema.

10/02/2007 07:52

Your darn right you could. But not everybody has the setup for a projector with the walls and all of that. For this price point Pioneers are the best tvs money can buy. Personally, I'd go with a projector. Nothing like a nice 120" screen :)

10/02/2007 06:17

For that much money, or cheaper, you could get a 1080p projector...

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