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The Pioneer Elite PRO-1140HD is a 50" plasma TV and part of Pioneer's Elite product line.

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Very good image color and contrast.

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Attractive, sleek styling.

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Good multimedia file support with Home Media Gallery.

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More expensive than other plasmas.

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The Pioneer Elite PRO-1140HD is a 50" plasma TV and part of Pioneer's Elite product line. The Elite series are known for their quality, but also are relatively more expensive than their competitors. Highlights of this television include a wide viewing angle, an improved color space, and deeper blacks (as is the case with Plasmas in general when compared to LCDs).

The 1140HD is able to deliver a 1080p/24 Hz signal over its dual HDMI inputs on its WXGA 1365 x 768 resolution screen. It has a sleek look, with detachable side speakers. The Elite series of displays incorporate Pioneer's Home Media Gallery program that connects the display to your home network over Ethernet or USB to give you access to your movies, music, and photos.

Reviews of the Elite series of Plasma displays claim that the image quality is excellent: very bright, vivid and wide range of colors. This purer color spectrum is likely attributed to the improved blue and red phosphors used in each pixel. A crystal emissive layer (unique to the Elite series) placed in front of the plasma phosphors allows more light to pass through, creating more contrast and improves efficiency. Brights are brighter, and darks are darker.

The full line of Elite plasma displays include the 42" 940HD, 50" 1140HD, and the 60" 1540HD and are available now for approximately $2350, $3350, and $5300 respectively.

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03/27/2007 04:11

I wish I could afford this for my new apartment...Oh I wish...:(

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