The DVJ-1000 is a high-end CD/DVD turntable from the Pioneer company.

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The DVJ-1000 is a high-end CD/DVD turntable from the Pioneer company. Capable of manipulating both CD and DVD content in real time, this model is based on the popular CDJ-1000 interface and incorporates many never-before-seen features into Pioneer's line of DJ hardware. The inclusion of DVD readability makes it possible for users to apply classic DJ effects like scratching, looping and instant cueing to video files, greatly increasing the amount of applications for the DVJ. Three separate "Hot Start" and looping presets are available for quick configuration of frequently used cue points and loop lengths, with dedicated hard buttons available for each one. The unit's hybrid aluminum/rubber jogwheel can be adjusted for achieving optimal resistance, providing users with the feel of a real vinyl turntable. All track information is displayed on a single-line LCD display for visual reference, with a Quick-Search function included for on-the-fly content navigation. Video output options include both RCA and BNC composite types in addition to S-video previewing, while audio options feature dual-channel RCA for analog audio and single coaxial RCA for digital audio. The DVJ-1000 also includes Pioneer's VSW-1, a compact video switcher that functions similarly to an audio crossfader. 

  • Black brushed metal aesthetic
  • Real-time audio/video manipulation 
  • Hybrid jog wheel with feel adjustment 
  • Integrated search function 
  • Dual-channel RCA audio outputting 
  • Composite/S-Video outputting
  • 1/8" mini headphone jack
  • Includes VSW-1 video switching unit
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