The STEEZ Duo STZ-D10T-G is a boombox-style portable music system from Pioneer.

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The STEEZ Duo STZ-D10T-G is a boombox-style portable music system from Pioneer that offers an alternative to the other models in the company's STEEZ product line. Featuring 4 gigabytes of internal storage for standalone performance, this model is capable of playing back MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC audio formats. Two 40-milimeter full-range speakers are included to provide powerful, balanced sound outputting, with all device configurations registering on the unit's 2.4-inch LCD display. Aimed towards dancers and others who rehearse and perform to backing tracks, users can manually adjust the tempo of a given song to make it faster or slower without altering its pitch. Specific sections of a track can be marked and returned to via cue point capabilities, making it simple to play back the same portion of audio many times over. Alternatively, users can skip forward or backward by eight quarter notes using the "8-Beat Skip" function, and can also access seamless content playback through the "DJ Mix" capability. When practicing at lower volume levels, the system's Dance Boost EQ setting can be enabled to put emphasis on specific frequencies pertaining to the beat of the song, making it possible to follow the tune without blaring the volume. In addition, the STZ-D10T-G includes a fully-functional remote control that makes it possible to set all configurations without having to run back and forth to the unit. 

  • Matte black aesthetic with green highlighting 
  • 2.4-inch QVGA LCD display 
  • DJ-style tempo control
  • Cue point capabilities 
  • Auto Battle mode 
  • DJ Mix capability 
  • Dance Boost EQ setting
  • 8-beat skip capability 
  • 4GB memory capacity 
  • Two 40mm full-range speakers 
  • Includes remote control 
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