The Pioneer DV 310-K is a get what you pay for DVD player.

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The Pioneer DV 310-K is a get what you pay for DVD player. It may not have HDMI or an Up-Converter but what it does have makes it more unique, most notably is the DV-310-K’s ability to read and playback information via USB port. MP3, WMA and DivX are the other formats this player is compatible with while providing a component output, coaxial output and a Euro-SCART. The Euro-SCART is similar to S-Video, the difference being the 21 pin size of the connector which believed by Pioneer's, presents a crisper image. At $69.99, this is not Pioneers most expensive model.   

  • DivX movie files, MP3, WMA music files
  • USB port for memory sticks
  • Progressive Scan
  • Euro-SCART Input, Component and Coaxial Outputs
  • Slim at just 49.5mm
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06/08/2009 11:40

I am a pro AV designer/integrator.
We don't sell very many consumer level products, but this one we sell every day.
We all know that DVD players are a dime a dozen anymore, but this one has one great feature that we in the pro av world love....Front panel navigation.
When sitting in an AV booth at a church, or in a school classroom, you don't want to be looking for remotes all the time. you can do all the dvd navigation from the front panel.
This is a great tool if you don't want to keep finding your remote.
Not important if you are sitting at home using it, but perfect for our needs.
Also, it's PIONEER. We have never had one of these player fail yet. And we've used hundreds.
If you want HDMI upconverting, go with the DV-410 for just a little more.
You can't lose with this piece at this price.

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