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The Pioneer XW-NAC3-K is a docking station for iPod and iPhone devices, released in June 2010.

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Sound quality is full/well-balanced with minimal distortion at high volumes.

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Offers playback from two iPod devices with the ability to shuffle songs from both.

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Offers playback of other devices' music by way of aux or Bluetooth while a USB port allows for music to be played back from a USB storage device.

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Looks sleek and modern, really complements the iPod aesthetic.

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Simple, well laid-out control scheme on the main unit features large, easy-to-press buttons.

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Composite video allows for pass through playback of iPod/iPhone video on a television or monitor.

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A little pricey compared to other docks available on the market, even if it can dock two iPods/iPhones at once.

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The Pioneer XW-NAC3-K is a docking station for iPod and iPhone devices, released in June 2010. This product features two separate docks, allowing for songs from two Apple devices to be shuffled together on a single playlist. In comparison to the similar XW-NAC1-K, this docking station includes built-in internet radio and DLNA home networking support. Users can access thousands of internet radio stations, and listen to music stored on computers within a local network. Those who opt for the differently featured XW-NAV1-K will receive HDMI out for watching DVDs and the ability to copy music CDs to connected iPods. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity is integrated for wireless music transmission from PCs or mobile phones. The auxiliary mini-jack on the docking station is designed for use with non-Apple music devices. Video out is supported over Composite, allowing for stored movies on to be played on a television. A remote control is included in the box.

  • Dual dock – slots for 2 Apple devices
  • Dual Mix shuffling
  • Internet radio support
  • DLNA home networking compliant
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless music transmission
  • Composite video output
  • Mini-jack audio input
  • YouTube streaming support
  • Bass/treble controls
  • Sleep timer
  • Included remote control
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