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Pioneer's SE-MJ3 headphones are similar in design to the model below it, the SE-MJ2.

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Good sound quality for the price, sound is clear, bass is not bloated

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Comfortable, the ear cup rotates and the padding is comfortable

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Earpads provide good sound isolation for both the listener and the people around

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Compact design that can be folded, fits into any bag but users will have to be dedicate with them

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The headphones are light weight, and the clamming force is not too hard, suitable for long hours of listening

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For buyers who are willing to shell out that extra $15-$20, there are better option from brands such as Audio Technica and Sennheiser

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Build quality and materials feels cheap, construction is not particularly strong

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Pioneer's SE-MJ3 headphones are similar in design to the model below it, the SE-MJ2. The main upgrade is that the SE-MJ3 model has an increased power output, at 1000 mW compared to the MJ2's 500, and have a wider frequency response range. These headphones are lightweight and are intended for long periods of listening, and have an adjustable headband and padded ear cups. The drivers are 40mm and offer a wide range of frequencies, from 10Hz to 25kHz, and have powerful bass output. Like the SE-MJ2, these headphones also focus on being portable, as they can collapse to be compact for traveling, packing or storage, and also have swivel-out earcups to listen to music without putting the headphones on, if desired

  • Lightweight
  • 40mm drivers
  • Compact folding design
  • Swivel-out earcups
  • 1.2 meter cord
  • 10Hz - 25kHz frequency response
  • 32 ohm impedence
  • 1000mW power output
  • Strong bass frequencies
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