The DJM-909 is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer.

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The DJM-909 is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer that offers a step-down from the company's DJM-1000 model and a step-up from the DJM-400 model. Featuring a touchscreen display for effect and fader control, this model provides automatic BPM (beats-per-minute) synchronization for live mixing freedom and creativity. This allows for automatic quantization to a given song if the user so desires, with manual override tap tempo also available. 50 on-board effects are included, ranging from more commonly utilized sounds like "Delay" and "Echo" to to rarer functions like "Synth" and "Vocoder". The addition of assignable fader controls allows the user to customize any given effect, providing a wide range of possibilities for the best possible result. Both the channel faders and crossfader include adjustable curve and lag settings to suit the style of a given DJ, with added "Fader Start" and "Crossfade Reverse" functions for further mix options. Each channel is equipped with a three-band equalizer with on/off functionality and a separate macro control for low, medium and high-frequency levels. A single microphone input is also included, with a separate two-band equalizer for tailoring to singing or spoken-word vocals. A footswitch input makes the use of external effects a possibility, supporting anythinng from individual stomp-boxes to powerful multi-units. The mixer also includes a headphone monitor auditioning function that eliminates the need for a cabinet monitor, giving the disc jockey full and accurate control over their current and upcoming selections at all times. 

  • Black aesthetic
  • Touchscreen display for effects and fader curve
  • CDJ compatibility
  • 4 line inputs
  • Microphone input
  • 3-band EQ per channel
  • 2-band mic EQ
  • Effect Lock function
  • Non-contact crossfader 
  • Tap-tempo BPM buttons
  • Footswitch connection for external effects
  • Fader Start function
  • Headphone monitor capability
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