The Pioneer DJM-700 is a 4 channel mixer with a suite of effects tools.

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The Pioneer DJM-700 is a 4 channel mixer with a suite of effects tools. The effect frequency filter allows effects to be applied only to certain frequency ranges, allowing for more versatility within a single input. Manual filtering allows custom filters to be created and manipulated on the fly, and multiple effects can be applied at once. Beat finders allow for effects to automatically be synchronized with a track's BPM, and sampling can be done on the fly as well. Full MIDI compatibility means that functions from various MIDI devices can be assigned to the mixer for easy live manipulation. Each channel has a 3-band equalizer with a 15 segment LED, allowing for fine control of each input. The crossfading curve can be adjusted to suit individual styles, and fader start allows for tracks to be started in response to the movement of the fader. A digital output terminal outputs audio at 96kHz in a 24-bit depth, enabling high quality recordings of a given set.

  • 4-channel mixer
  • Effect Frequency filter
  • Manual filter, multiple effect capabilities
  • Digital Output Terminal: Outputs 96kHz/24-bit
  • Beat Effect
  • Roll Sampler
  • Beat Select Buttons
  • Assignable MIDI functions
  • Cross Fader Assign: Each channel of the mixer can be assigned to the cross fader
  • 3-Band Equalizer
  • Fader Curve Adjust
  • Talk Over
  • Peak Level Meter (15 segment LED) for each channel and master
  • Fader Start
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