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The Pioneer DJM-600 is a 4 channel mixer built to handle beat matching and basic effects.

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Auto BMP counter offers lots of flexibility, easy to adjust

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output is distortion-free, can be used for studio mixing

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durable design capable of handling frequent transport to different venues, rough treatment from guest DJs

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can record directly into Pro Audio interfaces without needing a compressor with the unbalanced outputs

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easy enough to be used by guest DJs without instruction

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lots of unique features not usually seen, like Stretch Loop Play extends or shortens the sample being mixed

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sampling time is only 8 seconds

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The Pioneer DJM-600 is a 4 channel mixer built to handle beat matching and basic effects. This is similar to the Pioneer DJM-700, but doesn't use a MIDI interface. A BMP counter displays detected beats per minute for more precise mixing, and can be used to automatically synchronize onboard effects. The auto beat sampler can be set to grab precise sound bites that can be looped seamlessly according to detected beats. Samples can be played back once, in a loop, or in a stretched loop that can be adjusted on the fly. The headphone can operate in split mode with one ear on the master and the other on another channel, helping to create perfect cross fades.

  • 4-channel mixer
  • Auto BPM counter / display
  • Onboard effects syncable to BPM
  • Adjustable fader curve
  • Auto Beat Sampler - Single Play, Loop Play, Stretch Loop Play
  • Headphone Monitor Split
  • Fader start
  • 3-band EQ (-26dB to +12dB) per channel
  • Cross Fader Curve
  • Talk Over
  • Peak Level Meter, Trim
  • Independent Monitor Switch
  • Booth Monitor Output
  • Recording outputs
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