The DJM-400 is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer.

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The DJM-400 is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer that offers a step-down from the company's DJM-909 model and a step-up from the DJM-350 model. Directly compatible with Pioneer's CDJ-400 media player, this model features what claims to be the "world's first" in-loop sampler. This function allows users to capture a 4-beat audio sample at the press of a button, which is then auto-quantized and seamlessly repeated within the tempo of a given song. Up to five samples at a time can be kept on hand for multiple remix capabilities, with a maximum of 12 seconds available for each clip. Seven high-quality audio effects are built into the unit including "Delay" and "Echo" for playback control, "Filter" for high and low frequency scooping, "Flanger" and "Phaser" for modulation control, "Robot" for industrial vocal processing, and "Roll" for single-beat repetition. These effects can be manually adjusted via the "Level/Depth" knob, or automatically suited to a given song with the use of the "Beat Select" button. Each out of the two output channels on the DJM-400 is equipped with a three-band isolator equalizer, providing individual adjustment of low, medium and high frequencies. In addition to a standard stereo line input, up to two microphones can be attached to the mixer, which also features a "Talk Over" volume reduction function for user narration during a performance. A peak level meter helps to prevent signal overload leading to distortion and other forms of unwanted noise, while the "Fader Start" function allows DJs using a CDJ player to trigger a song using only the cross-fader. 

  • Black aesthetic
  • Optimized for CDJ compatibility
  • In-Loop sampler
  • 3-band isolator EQ
  • Stores 5 samples up to 12 seconds each
  • 7 on-board effects including Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll
  • Intuitive Beat Select button
  • Dual microphone connection
  • Single stereo line connection
  • Peak level meter
  • Talk Over temporary volume reduction
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