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The DJM-350 is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer that offers a step-down from the company's DJM-400 model.

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hi/mid/lo areas are completely isolated when adjusting them

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controls are fairly simple and straight forward

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fairly compact design, doesn't take up too much room next to your other equipment

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sound output is clear and distortion-free

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solid construction, feels durable enough to be transported frequently

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setup is quick and intuitive, everything works as you'd expect

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USB recording is easy, compatible with a wide range of software

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The DJM-350 is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer that offers a step-down from the company's DJM-400 model. Intended for use with Pioneer's CDJ series of media players, this model features a three-band equalizer with comprehensive control over low, mid and high-range frequencies. Four high-quality audio effects are included for live remixing possibilities, including "Filter" for high and low-frequency scooping, "Crush" for short bit-reduced accenting, "Jet" for for dramatic crescendos or diminuendos, and "Gate" for on-the-spot rhythmic adjustments. With the DJM-350 users can attach memory storage devices via the face-mounted USB port to record their performances, coming away with a single high-quality WAV file at the end of the night. In addition, the mixer features a digital conversion function that can convert analog-quality audio to a higher-fidelity format for sufficient compatibility with the rest of the DJ's material. The patch bay of the unit features auxiliary inputs for alternative media players like laptops and mp3 players, as well as microphone input for live vocals or narration. A centered peak level meter is included to prevent the likelihood of distortion or other unwanted signals, and crossfade adjustment is possible for customized feel on the unit's slide fader.

  • Black aesthetic
  • Direct USB-out
  • Optimized for CDJ compatibility
  • Isolated 3-band EQ
  • Digital audio conversion technology
  • On-board effects including Filter, Crush, Jet and Gate
  • Microphone and auxiliary input terminals
  • Peak level meters
  • Crossfader curve adjustment
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