The Pioneer DJM-2000 is a high end 4-channel effects mixer.

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The Pioneer DJM-2000 is a high end 4-channel effects mixer. This is similar in many ways to the Pioneer DJM-700, but has a number of new features such as a 5.8 inch full color multi-touch LCD display. The display can be used to manipulate live effects, including Instant Instrument FX functions and Sidechain remix that allow for effects to be created and applied to various channels. A Pro DJ link has been added as well that can connect to up to four CDJ-2000/900s, enabling a lossless digital audio connection and functions like fader start. The Beat Effects found in the DJM-700 have been expanded, with extra buttons for quick beat matching and option selection. Other functions that have remained include live sampling, full MIDI device interaction and control, and frequency mixing applying effects to 7 separate frequency ranges. Each channel has a switchable 3-band EQ and 3-band isolator, allowing for boosting of some frequency ranges and suppression of others. 

  • 4-channel mixer
  • 5.8 in full color multi-touch LCD display
  • Internal USB audio interface
  • Pro DJ link that connects up to four CDJ-2000/900s
  • Instant Instrument FX functions
  • Frequency mix, 7 frequency ranges
  • Sidechain remix
  • MIDI mode
  • Evolved Beat Effects
  • Live Sampler
  • 3-Band EQ (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band Isolator (+6dB to -∞dB) on each channel
  • Fader Start Play
  • Talk Over
  • Fader Curve Adjust  
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