The DJM-1000 is a six-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer.

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The DJM-1000 is a six-channel disc jockey mixer from Pioneer that offers a step-up from the company's two and four-channel mixers. Featuring 32-bit DSP (digital signal processing) technology to minimize sound quality degradation in conjunction with 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion, this model is geared towards professional DJs who perform individually or as a pair that require more than two output decks. A dual-system SEND/RETURN feature supports external device compatibility, allowing users to run single and multi-purpose effects units, samplers and live instruments directly into their live mix. MIDI output functionality offers a similar function, allowing the DJM-100 to trigger external content as a MIDI controller for effects processing as well as beat and step sequencing. Each of the mixer's channel faders (as well as the crossfader) are customizable via the "Fader Curve" function, providing 17 different parameters to suit the individual style of each user. For those DJs who dislike fader-centric mixing, Pioneer has manufacturer optional rotary knobs that can be installed for classic macro control. In addition, the "Digital Link" function supports a wide variety of audio and video media players, with certain controls including "Fader Start" available only with Pioneer CDJ connectivity. Each of the six channels is equipped with a three-band equalizer for on-the-spot frequency tailoring, with an additional two-band booth equalizer for enhanced monitoring capabilities. The unit also features a "Talk-Over" temporary volume reduction function for live narration, and multiple crossfader assign modes for further live mixing customizability.  

  • Black aesthetic
  • 24-bit analog-to-digital audio conversion
  • 3-band isolator EQ for each channel
  • 2-system/3-type SEND/RETURN functions
  • Fader Curve adjustment
  • Optional rotary knobs
  • Digital IN/OUT function
  • MIDI-out function
  • Digital Link compatibility
  • Automatic Fader Start 
  • Talk-Over function
  • Cross Fader Assign
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