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The VSX-920-K is a low-cost A/V receiver from Pioneer.

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many digital inputs and outputs, more than almost any user could use

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analog RCA connection to HDMI upconversion is detailed and seamless

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complex design not user-friendly, will take days of working with the manual to properly familiarize yourself for most users

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text interface for browsing music on an iPod is slow and feels awkward

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on-screen menu only works through analog connections

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the front cover of the USB port isn't attached, so there's a loose cover to keep track of when those slots are used

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the remote control itself has a "sleep mode", if you haven't used it for a bit you have to press a button twice to get it to go

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often have to turn the volume up to be able to hear the details - low volume audio fidelity not great

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The VSX-920-K is a low-cost A/V receiver from Pioneer. Like the other receivers in this line, the VSX-920-K comes iPhone certified, which means that you can feed music or video from your iPhone into your home theater system. With the addition of the $99 Pioneer AS-BT100 adapter, you can add Bluetooth A2DP support, as well. No matter the video source, the VSX-920-K has Anchor Bay HDMI video processing, so that the video will come through in 1080p. The four HDMI inputs on this receiver come 3D ready. The low-cost VSX-920-K is missing some of the features that can be found on its more expensive cousins, the VSX-1020-K and the VSX-1120-K.

  • 7.1 channels (110 watts each)
  • On-screen album art
  • 4 HDMI 1.4/3D ready inputs
  • Bluetooth ready
  • Dolby ProLogic IIz
  • Anchor Bay HDMI 1080p video processing
  • Auto MCACC
  • USB/composite video cable
  • iPhone control button
  • Advanced sound retriever
  • Auto level control
  • iPhone certified
  • Remote control 
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