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The Pioneer VSX-919AH is a 7.1 channel A/V receiver that is one step below the top-of-the-line VSX-1019AH model.

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Decodes high-definition audio over HDMI

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Good value receiver - video upconversion and high-definition audio decoding for an MSRP of $400

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Full color high resolution OSD, not old fashion DOS like Overlay screen

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Direct connection to iPod via USB with OSD

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Upconverts analog video to both HDMI and analog outputs

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Multi-channel Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) - reads/enhances digital audio directly from iPod/iPhone

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MP3/WMA/WAV Playback via USB interface (2.5" HDD supported)

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Multi-zone pre-outs - listen to any source of music in second zone (iPod, CD, Sirius, etc.)

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Multi-channel auto-level control (ALC) - works on surround sources

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Even though the top gets very hot, you can eliminate that problem by placing a small pc-fan on top of it - problem solved.

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Crystal clear 7.1 sound - excellent for gamers whom doesn't use headphones but still want the same experience.

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Only 3 HDMI inputs

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Doesn't use the Faroudja 1080p video upscaler found in the VSX-1019AH

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iPod source is not supported in second zone

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Doesn't support AAC or 176.4 kHz

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No amplifier pre-outs or digital audio output

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Top of unit is very hot during operation

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Only upscales to 480p

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No S-Video inputs

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manual stinks

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Only 3 digital audio inputs (2 optical / 1 coax)

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The Pioneer VSX-919AH is a 7.1 channel A/V receiver that is one step below the top-of-the-line VSX-1019AH model in Pioneer's newly announced A/V receiver line. The VSX-919AH is the successor to the popular Pioneer VSX-918V-K released in April 2008, and will likely feature similar features and specifications including video upscaling and high definition audio decoding. Pioneer announced their most recent A/V receiver line (VSX-1019AH, VSX-919AH, VSX-819H, VSX-519V) at the 2009 CES event in Las Vegas. The VSX-919AH's biggest new feature will include an iPod digital USB connection that will play the audio devices media files digitally (including DRM protected content) which has not been seen in any A/V unit released before. The Pioneer VSX-919AH is set for an April, 2009 release date with an estimated MSRP of $400.

Pioneer's new line of A/V receivers is specifically designed to read the content directly off the iPod units and decode the audio using integrated digital-to-analog converters; meaning no more grainy analog sound like most music listeners are so used to. A 2 channel Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS) synchronizes audio and video streams transmitted from a blu-ray player and properly decodes the HD content to ensure the high-def video displays correctly on an HDTV. Purecinema video processing allows standard definition content to be improved while watching on an HDTV. The VSX-919AH will also feature full upconversion to 1080p through the integrated HDMI video scaler. The device also includes additional features such as 4 HDMI ports (3 in/ 1 out), 3 Digital Inputs (2 coax/ 1 optical), full color jacket graphics output support for the iPod media content, a glowing remote control equipped with a special Pioneer KURO link allows users to use one remote to control all connected Pioneer devices, and 7 channel digital audio with support for 5.1 analog audio.

  • 7.1 channel a/v reciever
  • Power: 120 Watts x 7
  • Decodes of high-definition audio (Dolby TrueHD, dts HD MA)
  • iPod digital USB connection support; with analog to digital audio upconversion
  • Full 1080p standard dvd and analog up-conversion through HDMI
  • 4 HDMI ports (3 in/1 out)
  • 3 Digital Inputs (2 coax/ 1 optical)
  • Full color graphic output support for iPod media content
  • P.H.A.T. II @ 1 kHz
  • Full Color GUI / OSD
  • iPod 2nd Zone with OSD – access and control iPod content via multi-zone with full color jacket art graphics
  • New Preset Glow Remote Control
  • 2 Channel Presicion Quartz Lock System (PQLS) – Syncs audio and video information (content) coming from a connected Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player to ensure HD content is decoded and played back accurately on a HDTV
  • Multi-channel Auto Level Control
  • Multi- channel Sound Retriever
  • Neural THX / WMA-9 Pro
  • Advanced MCACC is Pioneer’s room calibration feature that delivers ensures studio quality sound for an array of room configurations. Evidence of Pioneer’s relentless pursuit of multi-channel stereophonic precision, Advanced MCACC immediately optimizes acoustics in a room, making subtle adjustments to connected speakers and neutralizes the sound field of the primary listening area with meticulous fine-tuning.
  • KURO Link – When a Pioneer A/V receiver is connected to a Pioneer KURO, users can control both devices utilizing just the television remote control. Volume, power, play and channels are just some of the options that can be controlled with the single remote.
  • Analog to Analog Video Conversion – Up / Down
  • Analog to HDMI Up-conversion
  • PureCinema Video Processing – Improved technology ensures smooth, high quality playback of standard definition content when shown on a connected HDTV
  • 3D Noise Reduction
  • 3D Y/C Separation
  • Multi-Zone A/V Pre-out: Allows 2 room audio enjoyment. For example, 5.1 surround sound in a living room while a CD is being output in another room. 2 zone environments can also enjoy Sirius & iPod sources.
  • New Preset Remote Control
  • Released Date: April 2009
  • Price: $400
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Elvis Chikwati
11/25/2009 09:43

aren't a lot people too much hooked up on this upscaling issue too much? i don't think many peple who buy these receivers are going to hook up a 1995 vhs recorder or a PS2! whats the fuss all about?

09/25/2009 10:47

I own this, looks great, having the ipod dock feature is awesome compared to other receivers and the sound quality is 8/10.

For the price its worth but not supporting AAC is a bit of a bummer but for what you get its great if you don't want to pay top dollar

06/27/2009 12:36

I just want to throw out a few facts about the 919.

1) It only upscales to 480p
2) it doesn't support AAC or 176.4 kHz

It is a great receiver, but I wanted to let others know what I was misled.

01/17/2009 12:09

I think there is an error in the report (I'll correct it after I post this comment). While the 919 will upscale analog video to both HDMI and analog output, it doesn't have the Faroudja upscaling 1080p chipset; only the 1019AH has the Faroudja. Anyone know what chipset the 919 uses?

01/17/2009 10:06

The Faroudja video scalers have been less than impressive before, as seen with the Onkyo TX-SR606 (1080i scaler), so I remain skeptical as to the abilities of the one here for 1080p upscaling of SD sources. We shall have to wait for the release and review of the unit before we know for sure.

Other than that, this unit seems to be quite the bargain.

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