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The Pioneer VSX-9040TXH is a 7-channel A/V receiver designed for a multi-channel home theater system.

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Great bargain!!!

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THX select 2 certified

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Plays songs from your iPod/iPhone

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Great feature set for both audio and video

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Excellent sound quality for price

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-Anchor Bay upscaling

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Easy straightforward set up/ menu system

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Basically an Elite VSX-21TXH without the gloss front panel and Elite emblem. If you don't believe me, go to their site and cross reference the internal part numbers of the two units in their replacement parts area. Both units use same video module, audio module, power amplifier module etc....

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Doesn't have the pretty gloss front panel/amber display as the Elite 21TXH

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One year less warranty

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The Pioneer VSX-9040TXH is a 7-channel A/V receiver designed for a multi-channel home theater system. It is built to connect seamlessly to Pioneer products, such as the Pioneer Blu-ray Disc player, to enhance the audio and video quality. The Advanced Sound Retriever technology improves video sound tracks and makes them more robust in larger 5.1 channel systems. The Pioneer VSX-9040TXH is both XM and Sirius Satellite radio ready, provides up to two zones of distributed audio, and is certified to connect to an iPhone with an included cable and a USB input. One very nice feature is the Auto Level Control which monitors and maintains the volume at a consistent level, which means that commercials can't blast sound louder than the actual show.

  • XM and Sirius Satellite radio ready
  • Two zones of distributed audio
  • iPhone certified
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • Direct Energy Class A/B amplifier
  • 4-HDMI inputs, 1 output
  • Front panel USB
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02/06/2010 04:14

Junk, HDMI will not work, tried every trick. if your input devices are more than 10 min old you are toast. Even replaced not buy. only one comp out.what a waste of $600

01/24/2010 12:53

Someone commented on here that the VSX 9140(and by inference the 9040) did not have the same "tolerances" as the Elite variation. This is nonsense. If you check the parts replacement area of the Pioneer web site and you click on a part number for your model it brings you to a "buy" page. On the right side of this page is a cross reference listing of the model numbers this part is used in. Every internal part for the 9040 is cross referenced to the Elite VSX-21TXH. The only deviations are the front panel and display. The video module, audio module, power amplifiers are the same part numbers for the two products. Both utilize the Anchor Bay video scaler. The only differences between these two units are the cosmetics of the front panel and display.
Some may ask why Pioneer would do this... My educated guess is that it is a marketing excersize to placate some of the big name/high volume internet retailers who wanted a higher end unit than the 1019 to sell, but are not authorized to offer the Elite line via internet. Pioneer states very clearly on their home site that Elite products are not authorized to be sold on the internet. So if you purchase an Elite receiver on the internet, they will not stand behind it. Enter the 9040 and 9140 models. These are essentially identical in performance and features to the 21TXH and the 23TXH but without the Elite branding and cosmetics. This would also explain the shorter warranty period on these two units. When you buy a product, the warranty is not "free" - it is built into the price you pay for the product. So, by offering these models with a shorter warranty, they are granting more leeway to the internet vendors to discount or increase their margins on the product as they see fit.

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