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The Pioneer VSX-817 is a very solid 7.1 surround sound home theater receiver that would be a good fit for any home system.

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7.1 channels - fully supports the latest surround sound audio tracks

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easy to setup - most users will have it ready in no time

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menu system - easy to navigate and adjust

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powerful at 110W per channel - well suited for small to medium-sized rooms

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Weak on full range speakers

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doesn't support the latest Dolby or DTS codecs found on Blu-rays/HD DVDs

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lacks HDMI support

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some of the audio presets sound poor

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remote control - has a poor layout and doesn't match the receiver

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The Pioneer VSX-817 is a very solid 7.1 surround sound home theater receiver that would be a good fit for any home system. It features a very flexible (assignable) input system, a strong 110W per channel, built in decoders for just about every format out there, and it is XM and Sirius Ready (Special Cable required). Not listed in the features is the upscale and downscale of different signals or the cooling fan for the unit. Last but not least is the advanced sound mapping (DSP) which is more than just a label as it actually works.

  • 770 Watts - 110 x 7 / 1kHz .9% THD 8 Ohms
    • Some advanced bridging options
    • A+B, A or B, selectable Outputs
  • XM and Sirius compatible
  • Audio/Video Output 1A / 1AV + 1V 
  • Digital Inputs 4:
    • Optical In 2 - Assignable
    • Coaxial In 2 - Assignable
  • Multi-Channel Component Input 5.1
  • Preamp Output Sub 
  • Composite Video Input/Output - 3 to 1
  • S-Video Input/Output - 2 to 1
  • Component Video Input/Output - 3 to 1
  • Headphone Output 
  • Front A/V Inputs
  • AC Outlet
  • Banana Speaker Terminal
  • Digital Engine Freescale 180 MIPS Processing DSP
  • Dolby(R) Digital 5.1
  • Dolby Digital EX
  • DTS(R) 5.1
  • DTS-ES Discrete 6.1
  • DTS 96/24
  • DTS Neo:6
  • Pro-Logic II
  • WMA9 Pro
  • Front Stage Surround
  • 5 / 6 / 7 Channel Stereo 7
  • Virtual Surround Back
  • Mid-night Listening
  • Dialogue Enhancement
  • Loudness
  • Basic Phase Control
  • Sound Retriever
  • Speaker Configuration
  • Speaker Size Adjustment (Per sets- F/S/R+R)
  • Speaker Level
  • Speaker Distance
  • Acoustic Equalization
  • Digital Analog Conversion (DAC) 192kHz / 24-bit

NOTE: The K designates BLACK and S is for Silver (case color)

Post Review
12/29/2007 04:20

I got two of these for Christmas (Three Cheers for Santa's goof!). I have always been a big fan of Pioneer, and this unit is no different. The first unit is my main AV processor for home theater. It powers the custom built full range speakers with only a slight lack of punch (I guess 15's all the way around is just a little too much), I will have to add a powered subwoofer (Gasp) to bring out the low range.
The Second unit is on my main computer (Yeah, Overkill and I love it). The performance is much better on this system as it is satellite speakers with a Powered Subwoofer and when connected to my ProDigy card the sound is just amazing.

I would call this a mid range unit, although budget would be more accurate. In the end however it has a lot of bang for the buck. Also, the Pioneer VSX-516 is the same unit less the XM Sirius and front panel connectors - plus being a close out it is cheaper.

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