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The Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH is one of four models of new Elite receivers released in 2007.

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LAN / Internet streaming

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Upscaling using Faroudja chip to 1080p over HDMI

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Advanced MCACC system /w full phase control

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Send room acoustic data to your PC over RS-232

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Looks great; nice build quality

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stellar audio(in pure direct for cd listening and Dolby Digital + and DTS HD MA for Blu-ray) and video

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Lackluster UI compared to competitors

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The Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH is one of four models of new Elite receivers released in 2007 including the VSX-90TXV, VSX-91TXH, and VSX-92TXH. The VSX-94TXH is a 7.1 channel receiver delivering 140 Watts of power to each of it 7 channels. Pioneer has caught up to its competition (see Onkyo TX-SR875 and the Denon AVR-3808CI) by including 4 HDMI 1.3a inputs with a built-in Faroudja DCDi video processor that upscales all sources to 1080p and sends to the HDMI output, and all analog sources to component video.

The VSX-94TXH has a LAN 10/100 Ethernet connection for streaming music from either your PC or over the Internet with any DLNA compliant source. It features a USB input for connecting external media players or storage devices like an iPod. It is XM/Sirius compatible.


The VSX-94TXH has what Pioneer calls Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Circuit (MCACC) for equalizing and automatically tuning your system to your specific room dynamics. Place the included microphone in your typical listening position, press the MCACC button, and the receiver will automatically calibrate itself. This model includes full Phase Control as well. For hardcore enthusiasts, graphical images of your room's reverberation frequency response can be displayed on your PC over its RS-232 output.

  • 4 x HDMI 1.3a inputs, 1 x HDMI 1.3a output
  • 7.1 channel surround /w 140 Watts per channel
  • Faroudja DCDi video processing
  • Upscaling and transcoding all video inputs to 1080p over HDMI
  • Converts S-video and composite video inputs to component video output
  • Multi-room, multi-source with 3 zones
  • iPod/USB/XM/Sirius/DLNA/Internet Radio
  • dimensions: 16 9/16" W x 7 3/8" H  x 18 1/16 " D
  • weight: 41.14 lbs.

The Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH was released in mid-August 2007 with an MSRP of $1600. The Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH boasts similar specifications and features with 3 HDMI inputs and 130 Watts / channel for $300 cheaper with an MSRP of $1300.

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05/21/2008 01:16

Also, as the latest issue of Home Theater Magazine conclusively demonstrated, video processing/upscaling is absolutely not a sham. There are real quantifiable differences that can easily be discerned. And, of all the receivers in this price range, only the Onkyo 875 and 905 have video quality that is competitive with the Denon AVR-5803, which is several times more expensive.

05/21/2008 01:13

I agonized for awhile over whether to buy the '94' or the Onkyo TX-SR875, which I ultimately purchased. The major point of contention for me were: sound quality, video quality, ease of use, and expandability. Of those, the -94 only surpassed the 875 in terms of expandability and only in the fact that the 4 HDMI inputs are independently selectable instead of having to be assigned to be used. Ultimately, what this meant is that you got 7 HD-capable inputs instead of 5. For me, this benefit along with the network capabilities did not surpass the benefits to be gained with THX Ultra-2 certification (vs. Select-2), and Reon video processing. Further, I concluded that, on any system capable of resolving the sound quality differences, the Onkyo is simply likely to sound more audiophile-like. Besides, if I ever get to the point where I need more video switching, quality switchers are plummeting in price and easy to integrate into a systems using something like a Harmony remote.

02/21/2008 02:30

just ordered mine on Monday Feb 18th... I cant wait!
Was really looking at the Onkyo 875, but after seeing them in person i was sold on the Pioneer based on the build quality. Yes the Onkyo may have better video upscaling, but i heard overall, upscaling is kind of a sham.

plus, i plan on getting a decent video SOURCE to begin with... i hopefully wont be doing too much "up converting" anyway.

01/25/2008 10:07

@Ortam-AV: can you point us to your results? Or be more specific? This space is highly competitive with the Denon AVR-3808CI (or 4308), Onkyo TX-SR875, and Yamaha RX-V3800.

01/25/2008 12:30

We test them all and the winner was the Elite VSX 94. Some are better in some areas but if you get all those areas and put them toghether in a receiver, the Pioneer gives you very Hight Quality features, as good as the others for a bit less money. The botom line is that the Pioneer gives you more, with excellent quality for the money. Clear winner.

01/25/2008 12:21

Super Nice Receiver... Thats it.

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