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The Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH is the last of four high-tech A/V receivers in Pioneer’s Elite series.

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allows for detailed customization, right down to the volume of each individual speaker

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automatically skips inputs that aren't used when selecting input

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support for a wide array of digital audio and video formats

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capable of high power output past the point where it's even comfortable and still no distortion

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video upscaling is high quality, works automatically without user interferrence

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built-in FM tuner brings in stations clearly without needing an outdoor antenna

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location of the buttons on the remote are awkward, often requires two-handed operation

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glossy front collects smudges and fingerprints quickly, need to keep a cloth handy

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The Pioneer Elite VSX-23TXH is the last of four high-tech A/V receivers in Pioneer’s Elite series. As a step up from the VSX-21TXH, the VSX-23TXH features Pioneer’s exclusive PQLS-Multi technology. When used with a PQLS-Multi equipped Blu-Ray disc player, the HDMI transmissions produced are seamless and without any unwanted jitters. The unit is in fact built to produce 1080p/24fps high-definition content—as well as render Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. And it hosts a myriad of connectivity options: iPhone/iPod (USB), SIRIUS/XM satellite radio, camcorders (HDMI), DVD players, etc. Another notable upgrade from its predecessor is the VSX-23TXH’s capability for three zones of A/V distribution—enough to cover an average family’s home.

Additional Information

The Pioneer SC-25, SC-27, VSX-21TXH, and VSX-23TXH are part of Pioneer’s Elite lineup, released in the latter portion of 2009.

  • Pioneer Elite A/V Receiver
  • 7.1-Channel
  • PQLS-Multi
  • Works with iPhone/iPod
  • Direct Energy Class A/B Amplifier
  • HDMI 48-Bit Deep Color
  • HDMI x.v. Color
  • Viedo Converter (Component)
  • 1080p Upscaler for Analog SD
  • Pure Cinema I/P Converter
  • Video Parameter Adjustment
  • HDMI 1080P Video Transfer
  • 3D Y/C Separation
  • Multi-Zone (3)
Supported Dolby/DTS Formats
  • Dolby True HD
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby Pro-Logic IIx
  • Dolby Digital EX
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • DTS-HD Master Audio
  • DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
  • DTS-ES
  • DTS 96/24
  • DTS 5.1
  • DTS NEO: 6
  • DTS Express
  • HDMI In (5)
  • HDMI Out (2)
  • Component Video In (2)
  • Component Video Out (1)
  • S-Video In (4)
  • S-Video Out (1)
  • Composite A/V In (4)
  • Composite A/V Out (1)
  • iPhone/iPod USB In (1)
  • USB Memory In
  • XM Satellite Ready
  • SIRIUS Satellite Ready
  • Analog Audio In (2)
  • Analog Audio Out (1)
  • Digital In (3 Optical, 2 Coaxial)
  • Digital Out (1 Optical)
  • Multi-Channel In (5.1)
  • Audio Pre-Out (7.1)
  • Headphone Out
  • Multi-Room/Source Out (3-Zones)
  • Zone 2 Analog Out
  • Zone 3 Analog Out
  • Zone 2 Video Out
  • Zone 3 Video Out
  • 12 Volt Trigger (2)
  • Front A/V In
  • RS-232C
  • IR In/Out
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