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The Pioneer Elite SC-35 is a top end 7.1 channel audio receiver built for enthusiasts.

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can re-label the HDMI inputs for easier reference later

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more power output available than most drivers will be able to handle

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self-tuning is easy to run, does an excellent job setting everything up for you

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enhances SD video well, everything looks clear, approximates HD

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serious lag with video gaming consoles

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included remote is poorly laid out, feels awkward to work with on a regular basis

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video enhancement lags the sound and requires some fine tuning

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The Pioneer Elite SC-35 is a top end 7.1 channel audio receiver built for enthusiasts. The 6 HDMI inputs use the next-generation v1.4a, making them ready to support 3D video and audio. 2 dedicated HDMI outputs are also included, allowing for the clearest possible signal to reach displays and other equipment. Audio output is sent to the 7 main channels at 140 watts using the Direct Energy HD Amplification system, which ensures a distortion-free amplification of the signal that remains true to the original recording and has the AIR Studios Monitor certification. Audio calibration for a room is handled through the Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC), which automatically makes adjustments for a room's given acoustics. All video is upscaled automatically by the Marvell Video Scaler, making even analog signals equivalent to 1080p / 24fps high definition and creating a picture that's much easier to see. A graphic user interface for the unit is available, and the entire system can be controlled through a PC web browser. Bluetooth support allows for connection to wireless devices for media playback, and full iPod and iPhone control is available. 24 presets are built in for Internet radio through the Ethernet port.

  • 1080p / 24fps
  • 7.1-Channel 3D Ready Elite A/V Receiver
  • Made for iPhone Certified & Available iControlAV App
  • 140 Watts x 7 Direct Energy HD Amplification
  • AIR Studios Monitor Certified
  • HDMI (V.1.4a with 3D & Audio Return Channel) 6 Inputs (Including 1 Front Input) / 2 Outputs
  • Marvell Video Scaler
  • THX Select2 Plus Processing & Certification
  • Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC)
  • 3 Zone Multi-zone and Source (Audio & Video)
  • USB keyboard support
  • PC Browser Control
  • Bluetooth Ready
  • Ethernet input for Internet Radio (24 presets)
  • HDMI (6 Inputs / 2 Outputs), Digital Coaxial (2 Inputs), Digital Optical (4 Inputs / 2 Output), Audio In / Out (3 Inputs / 1 Output), A/V Composite (4 Inputs / 1 Output) Including 1 Front Input, Component Video (3 Inputs – Assignable / 1 Output), SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready
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12/13/2010 10:13

Yamaha or pioneer elite? Which sounds the best?



12/14/2010 09:40

For two devices of the same price/quality level/etc I've heard some people preferring Pioneers for their sound. Personally I have a low end Yamaha and have absolutely no complaints. I'm not an audiophile though.

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