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Experience spa-like pampering at home with this luxurious 725-gram six-piece towel set by Pinzon.

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Experience spa-like pampering at home with this luxurious 725-gram six-piece towel set by Pinzon. Oversized and extra heavy, the collection includes two 30-by-56-inch bath towels, two 18-by-30-inch hand towels, and two 13-by-13-inch washcloths. Leave the neatly folded towels out for visitors to help create a welcoming guest room, or hang the towels in a master bath for opulent everyday use. The six-piece towel set also makes a thoughtful gift idea for newlyweds, new home owners, or anyone in need of lavish luxury.

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  • 6-piece oversized and extra-heavy towel set includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths; imported
  • Woven with over 4-1/2 pounds of Egyptian cotton for softness, absorbency, and durability
  • Available in an array of colors to easily accessorize with home linens
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Bath towels measure 30 by 56 inches; hand towels measure 18 by 30 inches; washcloths measure 13 by 13 inches
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Machine Washable

Toss the towels into the washing machine and then into the dryer for convenient, hassle-free home care and clean, fluffy results every time. With each wash and dry, the towels will continue to 

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Soft, Absorbent, Egyptian Cotton

Woven with over 4-1/2 pounds of Egyptian cotton to a plush 725-gram weight, the six-piece towel set not only feels exceptionally soft against the skin, but it also soaks up water quickly, whether drying your face and hands or drying off after stepping out of the shower or a hot, soothing bubble bath. The superior length and strength of the Egyptian cotton fibers also ensures durability and reduces the buildup of pile and lint, which helps keep the towels fresh and fabulous, year after year.

For added dimension and visual interest, the towels feature a decorative band of mini diamonds with a border of dual solid stripes. A subtler, thinner border of repeating diamonds also runs along the edge of the towels. Both the decorative band and border create a unified look when the towels are neatly hung or folded and stacked.

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Variety of Colors

The six-piece towel set comes in a choice of pleasing colors--from White, Cream, and Driftwood to Navy, Cocoa, Cranberry, Plum, Wedgewood, and Moss. Stay with one color theme or mix and match to suit your mood. The set blends well with almost any existing home linens and surrounding decor.

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About Pinzon Bath

Continue the bath upgrade by adding a stylish new shower curtain and chenille bath rugs by Pinzon. You'll feel like a five-star guest in your own home with bath products by Pinzon. The Pinzon brand includes everything from shower curtain liners and shower curtains to over-sized bath towels and reversible cotton bath mats.

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About Pinzon by Amazon

Invite Amazon's Pinzon products into your home for their form and function, and experience their style, craftsmanship, and value. We travel the world to find the best materials and designs for Pinzon products and use the most sensible manufacturing methods. We thoroughly test each Pinzon item and rely on feedback from our customers to help us deliver the highest quality. Check out all of our Pinzon products, including bedding, towels, and more, and you'll find something for all occasions at the best values. With a selection that continues to grow, the Pinzon brand is set to become a part of your lifestyle.

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What's Included

  • 2 bath towels
  • 2 hand towels
  • 2 washcloths
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Color Options

White, Gray, Moss, Navy, Plum, Cream, Cocoa, Cranberry, Driftwood, Wedgewood

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the towels shed?

    I used one without washing it and it did shed, however, I washed all the other ones in cold water, before using them and they did not shed at all. Their 1st trip in the dryer was FULL of lint though. They are very good quality towels - thick and fluffy, but I would suggest washing and drying them before use.

  • Can you bleach the white towels?

    I have owned for a year - have used chlorine bleach, color safe bleach (Clorox 2) and oxyclean and let soak in all three. Does a good job. I am ready to replace the white now though since are getting slightly dingy and not as white as they were. Towels are still in great condition other than that.

  • Where are they made?

    The label says Made in Pakistan.

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