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Ping's low-cost G15 Hybrids are being marketed to the medium to high skilled golfer.

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Will reduce the slice of higher handicappers- offset gives the face more time to close

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Provides golfers will consistent distance output

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Will help golfers in difficult fairway positions- (bunkers, thick grass)

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Creates the look of an iron but provides the forgiveness of a hybrid

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Provides stable impact feel- promotes smooth easy swing

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Heavy sole helps get the ball in the air quickly out of all lies

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Will sting your hands on mis-hits

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Other hybrids are more aesthetically appealing

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Ping's low-cost G15 Hybrids are being marketed to the medium to high skilled golfer. This is a 5-club stainless steel product line spanning the equivalent of the 2 iron to 6 iron. The G15 Hybrids combine the face design of irons with the feel of woods. These clubs have a high MOI (Moment Of Inertia), which provides accuracy and distance. The hosel design of the G15s positions the center of gravity close to the face. This reduces spin and increases the launch angle. These clubs have a clean look at address, which allows you to shoot with confidence. Ping is marketing the G15s as their longest, most forgiving hybrid ever.   

  • Left-handed models available
  • High MOI (Moment Of Inertia)
  • Iron-style face design
  • Internal toe pads
  • Perimeter weighting
  • D1 swingweight
  • CG-positioning hosel design
  • Soft R shaft
  • Stainless steel head
  • Thick face
Club Specs
  • 1st club (equivalent to 2 iron) - 17 degree loft, 60.75 degree lie, 40.5" club length 
  • 2nd club (equivalent to 3 iron) - 20 degree loft, 61.50 degree lie, 40.0" club length 
  • 3rd club (equivalent to 4 iron) - 23 degree loft, 62.25 degree lie, 39.5" club length 
  • 4th club (equivalent to 5 iron) - 27 degree loft, 63.00 degree lie, 39.0" club length
  • 5th club (equivalent to 6 iron) - 31 degree loft, 63.75 degree lie, 38.5" club length  
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