The Piaa Super Silicone 26" 95065 is a low-cost car windshield wiper blade.

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The Piaa Super Silicone 26" 95065 is a low-cost car windshield wiper blade. Piaa promotes this blade as offering one of the widest application ranges for the varied range of vehicles on the road. The frame on the PIAA Super Silicone Wipers has been modified to provide both hook and pin applications (3/16” and 1/4” pin styles). To ensure secure installation, there is an adapter included. The silicone material in the blade of this wiper allows it to sweep smoothly over the windshield surface, as well as leaves an invisible coating of silicone on the windshield that causes water to bead up and not adhere to the surface, even when the wipers are off. A small amount of silicone is deposited on the windshield each time the blade sweeps across, which continues for the life of the blade. At lower speeds the silicone film makes water and snow easier for the blades to sweep from the surface, and at higher speeds the pressure of air flow accross the windshield means that the wiper blades can be run intermittently or at lower speeds than normally required to keep the windshield clear. At highway speeds the beading action of the silicone film will often mean that you do not even have to turn the windshield wipers on in rain or snow. The Piaa Super Silicone 26" 95065 wiper blade comes in a black color.

  • Color: Black
  • 26"
  • Both Pin And Hook Style Applications Available
  • Activated silicone-coating action
  • Beading action
  • Adapter
  • European/domestic vehicles
  • Curved blade
  • Framed design
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