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Feature called TempoMusic that analyzes and organizes your music library according to tempo.

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Voice commands and encouragement

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Sport design/earhooks/clip-on case with pouch

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TempoMusic organizer can play faster songs when you move fast and slower songs when you slow down

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DirectLife on-line monitoring and coaching for monthly fee/USB cable for doing your own monitoring included

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The Philips Activa is a fitness MP3 player with a feature called TempoMusic that analyzes and organizes your music library according to tempo. Voice commands prompt you to move and give encouragement, and, monitoring of your speed and other factors will cause the player to change songs in accordance with your speed, playing faster songs when you move faster and vise versa. The Activa was announced by Philips in January 2010 and is slated for an April 2010 release as part of their DirectLife program. DirectLife involves the wearing of a tiny waterproof device that transmits information to a personal web page and personal coach, relaying data about all of your movements wirelesly. You can do your own monitoring as well with Philips Songbird software, offering workout results and access to your music library by syncing with a computer.  The Activa is designed for sport, with ear-hook headphones and clip-on design with protective pouch and it all comes in innovate packaging that can be reused as a water bottle!

  • Preloaded with songs
  • TempoMusic technology built in arranges and plays fast or slow songs in relation to your speed
  • Monitoring and MP3 management via computer with included software
  • Sport design with earhook earbud headphones, small clip-on design and protective pouch
  • Typical uses: running, cycling, indoor rowing
  • USB connection
  • DirectLife on-line monitoring purchased for a monthly fee
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