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An alarm that wakes the person up by slowly increasing the amount of light it gives off.

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It gives you a much better way to wake up than a harsh alarm clock

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It helps me wake up and get out of bed

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The lamp is replaceable

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It’s easy to use

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It doesn’t have an AM radio

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It’s more expensive than typical alarm clocks

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It takes up a lot of space on the bedside table

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no battery backup

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The Philips Natural Wake-Up Light is an alarm that wakes the person up by slowly increasing the amount of light it gives off. It uses a halogen bulb that begins lighting up a half hour before the set time. In addition, the lamp plays an FM radio station or one of two natural sounds when it’s time to wake up. 

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  • Uses gradual light to slowly wake you up
  • Light starts 30 minutes before the set time 
  • Makes a sound at the set wake-up time
  • FM radio
  • 2 natural sounds
  • Safe and UV-free
  • Official Light Therapy product of the National Sleep Foundation
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What's in the Box

  • Wake-Up Light
  • Manual
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  • Independent research discovered that users found it easier to get out of bed and found waking up more pleasant with a wake-up light 
  • Made with Philips' 100 years of light technology experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I replace the bulb?

    You press down to rotate the removable disc. Once you remove it, you can replace the bulb.

  • Can you turn the sound off?

    Yes, you can turn the volume off so that you only use the light feature.

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Wake-Up Sounds

It turns on sound at the designated wake-up time to help you get up when you need to. You can choose from an FM radio station of your choice, two natural sounds or a beep sound. The natural sounds include birds chirping or a wind chime. 

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Light Level

You can set the light intensity to your preference up to 250 lux. In general, you will wake up more gradually with a lower setting and more quickly with a higher setting. 

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Bedside Lamp

You can also use this lamp as a bedside lamp. It includes 20 different brightness settings to use it for different purposes. You change the setting on the menu underneath the time display.  

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Clinical Research

Independent clinical research has found that:

  • 8 of 10 users found it easier to get out of bed with this lamp
  • 88 percent of users found this lamp better than their previous alarm method
  • Users find light a more pleasant way to wake up than other methods 
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Recommended by National Sleep Foundation

The National Sleep Foundation, an educational and scientific nonprofit organization, recommends this lamp.  

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Halogen Light

This lamp uses halogen light that is replaceable. 
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Philips Green Products can reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions by providing a significant environmental improvement in one or more of the Philips Green Focal Areas: energy efficiency, packaging, hazardous substances, weight, recycling and disposal, and lifetime reliability.
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Benefits Energy Lights Wake-Up Lights
Increase Energy Level
Fights winter blues        
Increase alertness        
Wake up feeling refreshed      
Helps you fall asleep more easily        
Dimmer 3 settings 4 settings Yes (0-10k lux) 20 settings 20 settings 20 settings 20 settings
Session Timer 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes 0-60 minutes          
Backlit touch screen with clock            
Treatment time alarm            
Rechargeable battery No, corded use only          
Travel case included            
Replaceable Lamp          
Adjustable sunrise simulation          
Dusk simulation        
Number of wake-up sounds       2 3 5 8
FM radio        
Wake-Up Light App Compatible            
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