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Philips Hue Lux provides a personal and interactive way to control lighting from a smart mobile device or tablet.

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Philips Hue Lux provides a personal and interactive way to control lighting from a smart mobile device or tablet. It enables use of light in a variety of functionality such as timers, alarms, geo-fencing and soft security elements. The Hue Lux offers a soft white light similar to your regular household incandescent light bulb. This starter kit comes with two LED light bulbs in a familiar A-Shape size, a wireless bridge, power adapter and a 2-meter Ethernet network cable. Simply download the Hue app on your tablet or smartphone to start experiencing light in a new way. Use Philips connected LED lighting as a revolutionary way to light your home.

Hue Lux bulbs bring a dimmable, beautiful, warm white light into your home. To add a splash of color, add any combination of Hue and Friends of Hue lamps to your bridge. The Hue Lux starter kit includes two Lux A19 light bulbs and a Hue bridge.

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  • This 9-Watt (60-Watt replacement) Hue bulb uses LED technology to deliver up to 80 percent energy savings and a long life of 25,000 hours (up to 22 years)
  • Gives you total control over your lighting from your smart phone or tablet - even when you're away from home
  • Set timers and alarms, connect to a variety of apps, dim the light and more (cannot be used with conventional dimmers)
  • Control up to 50 Hue and Friends of Hue products on a single Philips Hue bridge - also compatible with Zigbee certified and Wink home automation network products
  • Starter pack includes Hue bridge and two Lux A19 light bulbs
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Set timers and alarms via the Hue app

The timer function allows you to set timers and alerts you can tailor to your lifestyle. Turn Lux into your morning wake up call - set your lights to gradually brighten over time, waking you up in a more gently than the abrupt ring of an alarm. At night, you can preset the timer to turn your lights off gradually to help you fall asleep naturally.

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Safety & security - Remote access when you’re away from home

Easily control your home lighting while you’re on the go. Did you forget to turn your lights off before leaving home again? With Hue, that’s not a problem anymore. Simply control your lights remotely via the Hue portal, wherever in the world you might be.

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Control from your iOS, Android, and Kindle smart devices

Your smart device can control any light connected to the bridge - Philips Hue is based on the ZigBee, a low power, safe, and reliable technology to control your lights. Compatible with other ZigBee-based systems for additional home automation.

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Enjoy dynamic light effects synced to the moment

There is an ever growing number of applications being developed for Hue within this community. This has resulted in creative and dynamic lighting schemes opening possibilities of syncing your lights to your favorite music, to get the party kicking.

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Expand your ecosystem

Connect up to 50 Hue products to your Philips Hue bridge. Simply begin with any of the available starter kits and add in any combination. Bring color into your home by adding the other Hue & Friends of Hue products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this product work with the Amazon Echo?

    Yes, it works quiet well. The echo app allows you to even create groups of multiple lights so you can turn on/off multiple lights at once ex. turn bedroom lights off. The only drawback is if you want to turn a light on/off using echo you have to be within its range otherwise you have to use the hue app or echo remote.

  • Can use this for a sunrise alarm (ie. programming the lights to come up gradually in the morning? What happens if the power fails overnight?

    The programming is stored remotely. So if the power comes back on in time, the program can execute with no issue.

  • Does this starter kit come with the same Base/Hub as the Hue?

    The starter kit comes with a hub and 3 bulbs. You can add new Hue bulbs at a later date.

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