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The Philips AJ3600/37 is a low mid-cost alarm clock radio.

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Time projection lets you tell the time without having to roll over to look at the actual clock.

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Unique circular visual aesthetic looks cool, has a small footprint.

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Really low price point for a clock with this feature set.

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Can store up to 10 AM/FM stations.

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Gentle Wake alarm gradually raises alarm volume for a less jarring wake-up call.

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Solid FM reception due to its digital tuner.

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Runs on 4 AA batteries rather than the standard single 9-volt.

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The Philips AJ3600/37 is a low mid-cost alarm clock radio. This clock has features that set it apart from both the other clocks in this product line, the AJ3231/37 and the AJ3540/37. For example, in addition to its backlit LCD display, this alarm clock offers time projection. On any surface at any angle, you can have the time projected. The AJ3600/37 adjusts the focus as needed, so that this projection comes out as clearly as possible (the projected image can also be rotated and reversed). Another feature unique to this clock is the Gentle Wake feature, which consists of a gradually increasing alarm volume, as opposed to one loud jarring alarm volume. The Repeat Alarm feature, standard on this product line, will repeat the alarm after a few minutes, in case you need some more time to snooze. The AJ3600/37 also has digital radio tuning with presets, so that you can easily find your favorite stations.  

  • Time projection
  • Digital AM/FM tuning w/ 10 presets
  • Gentle Wake
  • Sleep timer
  • Repeat Alarm
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 80mW output power
  • Mono sound
  • 2.5" speaker diameter
  • Up/down volume control
  • 24 hour alarm reset
  • 4 display digits
  • Weight: 1.54lbs.
  • AC power cord
  • User manual
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries
  • 1.5V
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