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The Philips AJ3231/37 is a low-cost clock radio.

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Manual radio tuner dial is sensitive and comfortable to use.

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Very low brightness that won't disturb light-sensitive sleepers.

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Simple to operate and setup.

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Very viewable even in bright conditions.

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Gorgeous modern aesthetic--the time seems to float in the mirrored surface.

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Lacks a fast reverse button--only allows for fast forward and slow reverse.

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Displays very little alarm information on the screen, making it hard to adjust in the dark.

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Buzzer volumes are too low and can't be adjusted.

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The Philips AJ3231/37 is a low-cost clock radio. You can program the alarm on this radio to wake you with the radio (on the last station you had it on before turning it off for the night), or with a buzzer. If you are not ready to wake up just yet, you can press the AJ3231/37's Repeat Alarm button, and the alarm will go off again in a few minutes. You can set two different alarm times with this clock, one for you and one for your partner. Besides the AM/FM tuner of the AJ3231/37, this alarm clock also has an MP3 link (with 3.5mm plug), which allows direct playback of MP3s from external devices (which is the main feature that sets this clock apart from the lower cost AJ3540/37 model, though the AJ3540/37 also has a bigger display). This clock lacks the higher cost AJ3600/37's premium features like Time Projection, digital tuning with presets, and Gentle Wake.

  • Tune/buzzer alarm
  • Dual alarm time
  • Repeat Alarm
  • Sleep Timer
  • MP3 link
  • AM/FM tuner
  • Bright/dim LED
  • Battery back-up (6F22 battery)
  • 100mW output
  • Mono
  • Rotary volume knob
  • FM antenna
  • 4 display digits
  • User manual
  • 9V battery
  • Weight: 1.98lbs.
  • Digital clock
  • AC power
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